T-minus 3 and counting

I feel... desperate. Sick. A little lost in my head. Not anywhere near as badly as it used to be, but enough that I can safely say see what stress does to me? see?

I had possibly the worst exam of my life - counting the GRE - today: Systems II, which, despite its name, is the third in a progression of classes required for graduation centered on the inner workings of the computer. Thank goodness this semester has a lot of more abstract concepts like Virtual Memory and Buffer Overflow as opposed to the assembly code of previous semesters, but still. I have to pass this class and it's the only one I'm worried about. Though my grade is reasonable as it stands.

Anyway, if you ever want to know what its like to have time stand still, take this exam. It was 18 pages long and it felt like no time had passed when the professor said we only had an hour left. It was... well, thank god for partial credit. I'll probably get most of the multiple choice right, but sometimes you make stupid mistakes counting in Hex or converting powers of two. That, and I really, really hate Buffer Overflow, and am glad I can scratch rebel goth hacker girl from my list of career possiblities. Not that I could pull off the look anyway.

But yea, stressfull. I've felt like I'm going to be sick most of the day and haven't been able to get my mind to unwind yet. Which sucks, because I still have to do a screencast for my presentation tomorrow morning, but I'll have more than enough time to get that done in the morning because of the insane hours I keep waking up at. Which I suppose is better than sleeping the day away like before, but is annoying on weekends and holidays.

I also booked my hotel room for Boston for next week. I'm excited and also having a little bit of trouble believing it's actually happening. Good things don't happen to me. Every time I've made a plan to go anywhere, something happens, like my passport arrives a day late or I get sick or get kicked out of the Navy. But I'm looking forward to seeing the Freedom Trail and the Boston Tea Party sight and there are some other cool places I've seen online (warning: Mass.'s tourism website is fiddly and not user friendly) and while I'm a little disapointed Plymouth is closed for the season, I may try to go up to Salem one day, depending on the weather and how I feel about driving essentially all day. Because, yes, it is cheaper for me to drive than get a train ticket. I love my gas milage.

Anyway, I'm currently entralled in Hannibal, if anyone wants to rec fics. I'm mildly surprised (and slightly alarmed) by the number of A/B/O fics, but they've become something like comfort reading. Go figure. Wish me luck on my presenation. God knows I'll need it.

Salem is a great place to go but Plymouth, not so much. I had great expectations when I was heading to Plymouth until I arrived at the rock. I was very disappointed... "HUGS"

Have fun hon.
I'm sorry it was so terrible D: I'm also sorry you're feeling so sick. I am starting to have, "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LET HER BE HAPPY?" feels toward the universe. Because seriously: you deserve only good things.

Hopefully your trip to Boston goes well - but please be safe (obviously). I think seeing Salem could be pretty cool!
Thanks bb. I've mostly been getting better. I just think it was all the stress of yesterday's exam. At least, I hope so. *sigh*

I hope the trip goes well too. I probably won't bring my computer, but I'll defiantly have my phone so we can text.
I will be sure to text you often, to make sure you're doing okay and having fun :)
(claps) thanks bb. I'm really looking forward to geeking out at all the revolutionary war things.