Le Sigh

So I'm stuck ta ing the second hour of this freshman class while the professor is on jury duty because the person who is supposed to relieve me never showed.

I don't mind on principle, but I'm hungry and the other ta is neglecting her duty, which is irritating.

It's been a long day already too. I had another dr appointment this morning and have to stick around until 5 for my stupid senior seminar class. I'm feeling better than i was but I never did have patience for wasting my time. Which is largely what this semester is.

I did finish the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness this morning. It was an enjoyable read - a little like an adult Twilight, if Stephanie Meyer had taken a day and a half to plot out story and character development, let alone consider her world building. Still, I enjoyed it and some if you might too.

I have another half hour to go of this ta madness. But I don't know what else to post about to take up the time. I really am feeling better on the new meds, but it sometimes gives me a bit of a headache - but that might just be school and homework related. I'm sleeping less and am generally less tired, but I'm still annoyed by largely everyone I know. Can't be helped though, as largely everyone I know IRL is annoying.

Le sigh. I'm ready to graduate, or at least for it to be the weekend, or at least for this class to be over so j can eat. C'est la vie.