Christmas Cards

Yes, yes, it's that time of year again. But all of you have been so kind to me, even after my summer hiatus of crippling depression, I thought I'd offer.

If you want a card, just let me know and PM me your address (as I'm likely to have lost it if I already had it), if not, your loss, especially since I always get funny ones.

Let me know by the 1st of December so I can plan ahead and get them out BEFORE Christmas this year.
I would like a Christmas card :D I will give you my address over skype, tomorrow.

Have a good night, bb ♥
That I'd be sending you a card was never in doubt bb.

I am feeling more like me today so that's something. Ttfn
I would love a Christmas card from you! ^_^ I'll do my best to send one back too, though my head has been a mess lately, there's a ton of things to remember and I keep forgetting half of them :D (which is why I haven't been around lately, sorry for that!)

You should have my address? And I have yours, unless you've moved since last Christmas?
I've not moved, but I've managed to misplace nearly everything at least once this year and no longer can find your address.. PM me?

I know the feeling though. Things have been crazy for me the last few months. I hope they get better for you.