It's been a while...

But in short, I tried to meet with the school psychologist, only to have some sort of booking error that made me very angry at the time and now just makes me tired to think about. I've been able to get in with someone in town and our first appointment is this morning. Im actually insanely early, because that's how I do things, but I'm too nervous or something to actually read while I wait.

I hope this person works out. I've been so tired lately and averaging like 9 hours of sleep a night before naps, which bump my daily sleeping up near the 12 hour mark, and in always tired and usually fairly nauseaus these days. It's no fun. Not that really anything is fun. School is mostly tedious and work is just eh.

I've been having trouble with my original story. I think it's time to set it aside for a while while I work on other things and firm up its plot. Le sigh.

Everything is just so exhausting and tedious these days. I really hope meeting with this person helps. If my, I've wasted a morning for nothing, which is always irritating.
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