Tuesday. Again.


This weekend was pretty good. I hung out with mom and we watched The Flash (which is far from the best TV show, but still. SciFi) and I got to play with cats. Yesterday wasn't too bad either, though by the time class rolled around I couldn't wait for the day to be over. I love reading, but at this point it seems like I do more reading at school than actual learning. There was a discussion on patents in my Senior Seminar that was interesting until the presenter ran out of slides and the teacher just started asking questions to fill up the remainder of class (ie, 40 min). Being a patent examiner sounds interesting, at least.

Anyway, today has sucked. Not as bad as last week, but still. I have spilled, dropped, run into, knocked over, or etc everything today, and I can't make an appointment at a psychologist in town without a referal from my doctor, which I have to make an appointment to get and so who knows when I'll actually see anyone. And it's just.... I have to wait for monday for that, and it's like, why, universe, why?

I got bored and trolled the tarot/astrology websites this weekend. Apparently Scorpio was ascending when I was born and Pluto was entering Scorpio, which means that my life is fated to be filled with violent, emotional change. Or something. IDK if I believe it, but at least I can point to this and say that the universe IS out to get me. It's that phoniex metaphor again.

At least I graduate in Dec - and then start grad school proper. It's terryfing and keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and... yeah. C'est l'vie. or something.