Well. Today was a wash.

I spent all day intending to work on my capstone project for school - which I desperately need to work on at this point - but every time I sat down to do it I just couldn't concentrate. Hell, I could barely maintain focus long enough to figure out what I wanted to do for lunch today, to the point it ended up becoming more of an early dinner. Part of it may be the weather - with the rain and fog, the veiw outside my window has not changed at all - and part of it may be this insane legarthy that I've been struggling with. I slept 10 hours last night, despite doing nothing worthy of such exaustion, and then took an hour nap midday. And may just well take another one in a bit.

I think I'm going crazy. I can feel myself going crazy, like in SEPS, but it's odd because I've no good reason for insanity (other than my capstone project, which is in such a state because of the crazy). I know I don't need a reason for mental illness, but usually I can at least point to something that set it off. This time it just hit out of nowhere, when I was feeling decent, and has not wanted to let me go. I'm frankly surprised I've been able to make myself go to school at all...

Thank god next week is Fall Break.

I've done nothing but attempt to do anything all day. It's an annoying feeling, but maybe I can at least get this chapter of my story finished. I'm at the this is the last paragraph, finish it already point. Frankly, I've been there for a while. But you know how it goes.


Sometimes, we just have days like that. You need a vacation so fall break is coming at a good time.
Let me know if there's anything I can do. I'm frequently exhausted these days, and I'm sick right now, but you can always come to me to talk about stuff. I'm sorry you're struggling so much :(
I know. but when there's nothing to say but, "I'm feeling bad," it doesn't seem worth interrupting your busy day.
I might not be able to reply right away, but you can say anything to me, any time. I'm here for you, bb.
I know bb, but I actually have to be able to tell you what's wrong before you can help. And, sadly, figuring that out is hard