So, I have an appointment for the therapist for monday.

Also, I must be looking especially pathetic lately, because even my Systems professor has commented on it. I'm mildly worried its going to turn into some sort of attempt at relgious conversion, as I mentioned the book I'm reading is about how science has made people more moral but the author isn't presenting his arguement very well, which led to a discussion of Dawkins and Hitchens, and... yeah. I don't seriously think I'll be asked to join their church or something, but this is the south and weirder things have happened.

But thanks for all your kind wishes. Hopefully I'll be able to move past this. Or, at least, move around it. I know not to expect a miracle cure, but I want a solution that makes me feel like waking up and going to school in the morning is something less than a Herculian task.

I really want a nap. I think I'll go take one. Or maybe stare at the ceiling and contemplate the ending of Chapter 2 of my story.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed this helps in some way. I worry about you *hugs*

Naps are awesome ♥
Eh naps are less awesome when they cause me to go to bed befor you come online and stay asleep until an hour after I would normally wake up for school, but generally yeah. (Yn)
Okay yeah, they're less awesome when that happens. But I will always be a fan of naps XD

That is a lot of sleep, bb. Maybe you needed it?

I hope all goes well for you on Monday hon. You will find your way.