Yet more thoughts on TOS Kirk/McCoy

Today it was DS9's "Second Sight" and TOS's "Balance of Terror" on the tredmill and ST:V and ST:VI while puzzling. And, I gotta say, I loved Mark Lenard's preformance as the Romulan command in "Balance of Terror" - that whole episode is definately on the top of fav TOS episodes so far. "Where No Man Has Gone Before" was excellent - but it was entirely psychological. Don't get me wrong, I like that, but this... this is a more rounded episode; we get to see Jim's genius shine through here, and he even earns the respect of the Romulan commander. Tre cool.

But on to Jim/Bones. Points for favour in this episode: there's a scene towards the end with Jim and Bones talking....

(Yeoman Rand walks in without knocking, to find the Captain lying on his bed.)
RAND: Can I get you something from the galley, sir? Coffee, at least?
KIRK: Thank you, Yeoman. Bring it to the Bridge. I'll be there in a moment.
RAND: Yes, sir.
(McCoy walks in unannounced, and Rand leaves.)
KIRK: I wish I were on a long sea voyage somewhere. Not too much deck tennis, no frantic dancing, and no responsibility. Why me? I look around that Bridge, and I see the men waiting for me to make the next move. And Bones, what if I'm wrong?
MCCOY: Captain, I-
KIRK: No, I don't really expect an answer.
MCCOY: But I've got one. Something I seldom say to a customer, Jim.
In this galaxy, there's a mathematical probability of three million Earth-type planets. And in all of the universe, three million million galaxies like this. And in all of that, and perhaps more, only one of each of us. Don't destroy the one named Kirk.

Firstly, walking in unannounced... big point in favour, though obviously close friends might do this too... But the second, not only does Bones' last statement sound a lot like the one Kaidan make's towards the end of Mass Effect - you know, if you're playing a fem!Shepherd, in the climax of the romantic scene, "The galaxy will just keep going. Everything, even the Reapers, will come around again. But you and I, we are important right now. And this is what will never happen again. Us," - which gives me internally huge points towards a relationship between the two, even if the latter was written about 25 years after the first. (Though, on a side note, I love how the groom died in the episode. Very not-happy-ending, ie real life.)

As for the movies, well, The Final Frontier is easily the worst of all 6 TOS movies, though it did have it's amusing bits. Looks like they tried too hard for a Star Wars vibe, but, hey, Shatner directed it, so what do you expect? The singing was a bit trying too, though kudos to the guy who realized "Row, row, row your boat" could be existental. Anyway, proofs:

McCOY: How do you like it? This guy never changes. I insult him and he takes it as a compliment. ...Uh, you two of you could drive a man to drink.
KIRK: Me? What did I do?
McCOY: What did you do? You piss me off. Human life is far too precious to risk on crazy stunts. Maybe it didn't cross that macho mind of yours that you should have been killed when you fell off that mountain.
KIRK: It crossed my mind.
McCOY: And?
KIRK: And, as I fell, I knew I wouldn't die.
McCOY: I thought he was the only one who's immortal.
KIRK: It isn't that, Bones. I knew I wouldn't die because the two of you were with me.
SPOCK: I do not understand.
KIRK: I've always known ...I'll die alone.
McCOY: Well, I'll call Valhalla and reserve you a room. It's a mystery what draws us together. All that time in space ...getting on each other's nerves ...and what do we do when shore leave comes along? We spend it together. Other people have families.

Pretty self-explanitory nagging, though the dying alone bit is a high point of the movie. And very interesting. I've said it once, I'll say it again: TOS Kirk is crazy, but with a solid grounding underneath, wanting to make his Starfleet father proud; ST:IX Kirk is crazy, never having known calm or compassion or grounding (until Bones), wanting to outshine his hero father. One wants to be the equal of his father, one wants to excape his shadow... but more on that later.

Now, like ST:V, I don't recall as ever having seen The Undiscovered Country before, though surely I must have. It's a lot better than I expected, rating high above ST:V and even ST:III. I think I'll rank it tied with ST:I in goodness. And don't even get me started on the Jim-and-Bones-get-arrested-and-sent-to-Rure-Penthe-together goodness. Part of it is definately kink meme worthy, but most of it says two-people-struggling-to-stay-alive-and-together. But trust me to read something ah-worthy into a prison scene. Nothing in particular sticks out as something that couldn't be written off as deep friendship/captainly duties, but the way Kirk won't leave Bones on the planet...

Oh, and for a touch of DS9, my new fav quote: " Of course it'll work. I never fail. Well, I did once, but I found it didn't agree with me. So I swore never to do it again and I never break my word." I mean, seriously, I know the Seylek guy said it, but, man, does that have Kirk written all over it or what?

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