More thoughts on TOS Kirk/McCoy

So, yeah, in my great Watch-Every-Star-Trek-Ever-Made Insanity, I watched DS9's "Nessicary Evil," TOS's "The Conscious of the King," and ST:III and ST:IV, the 1st two while on the treadmill, the later while puzzling. And I have thoughts.

Firstly, (and non-TOS related), if we saw scenes from Terrak Nor while under Cardassian control and that one DS9 episode shows that Kira's mom was Ducat's "comfort woman" during those years, why didn't they run across one another during their times there?... I can think of ways it can work, largely because Kira's a girl when her mom's taken and is fully grownwhen she's questioned by Odo for the murder... but still.

Secondly, I can see where people get the Jim/Spock in The Search for Spock and, kinda, in The Voyage Home. There's definately less bits that can be taken as Jim/Bones than ST:II. For instance:

McCOY: (in Spock's voice) Jim, ...Help me. ...You left me on Genesis. ...Why did you do that? ...Help me.
KIRK: Bones, ...what the hell are you doing? Have you lost your mind!
McCOY: Help me, Jim. ...Take me home.
KIRK: Bones, we are. We are home.
McCOY: Then perhaps it's not too late. ...Climb the steps, Jim. ...Climb the steps of Mount Seleya.
KIRK: Mount Seleya? Bones, Mount Seleya is on Vulcan! We're home, ...on Earth!
McCOY: (in Spock's voice) Remember!
UHURA (on intercom): Admiral, docking is completed. Starfleet Commander Morrow is on his way for inspection.
KIRK: Uhura! Get the medics down here! Get them now!

Now, I suppose the writer's just meant this to be "oh, they're both human, Earth is their home, Enterprise is their home. But does anyone else read this as the type of thing one person would say to another when they share one home? Ah, gah, I know in ST:II it shows Bones clearly visiting Jim at his apartment with a birthday gift, and later in ST:III we get:

UHURA: Sir? About Doctor McCoy, how is he?
KIRK: He's home, resting comfortably, pumped full of tranquillisers. They say it's exhaustion. He promised me he'd stay put. Well we'll see.

And is suppose you could take that to mean Jim's a some kind of lounge, not his actual home, in both, but still. I girl can dream.

There are even few instances in ST:IV, but at least the humour's back... though stealing a starship in ST:III... that's just great. Classic Kirk. As is his code names... "Unit two, this is unit one. The Kobayashi Maru has set sail for the promised land," sound like a five-year-old (aka Kirk) came up with them. Oh, and Marrow's line, "Jim, your life and your career stand for rationality, not intellectual chaos," is just about the funniest thing I've ever heard. Mom was watching it with me, heard that, litterally snorted and asked, "What show were you watching?" - to which I must agree.

Still, I can totally see a missing scene in "The Conscious of the King," with heavy Jim/Bones. Hell, the fact that Bones doesn't seem to rage over Jim being on Tarsus like Spock does (and like we all know he would) seems to indicate (to me, at least) that he already knew. And all his convos with Spock are rather protective of Jim and his privacy... le sigh. Now I've another project to add to my list of things-I-must-write.

But at least the snow should clear up enough by tomorrow/Wends that I can mail off disc 5 of VOY season 6. I've 6 more episodes of that season to go, then season 7, and I'll have seen all of them. In order. It's only taken me since May... Le sigh...

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