Modern Narratives

So this week I've been disapointed in Game of Thrones, Supernatural, and Dragon Age: Inquistion for radically different reasons.

First things first, I've not actually watched GoT or SPN in a while, but it's hard not to know what's going on with them because of Tumblr. But safe to say, I'm disgusted at the naratives in both, GoT choosing once again to write in a non-book rape of a female character as a way of forwarding a male character's development, and SPN once again taking the laziest road to give us a story that defies everything previously written, to say nothing of reason.

My problem with DA:I is rather different - after two weeks of playing the game (only about 1/3rd of which was actual main-storyline playing), I got to the end game and was so radically disapointed that it hurt to watch. The villian was nonsensical (having died in the previous game) and had such a trite storyline that I've read better fanfictions than this game - indeed, baring a few, mostly humorous, moments, the game had next to no character at all and I found myself wishing my character would lose just for something interesting to happen.

Which I guess is the point of all of this - the naratives we're seeing in shows/movies/tv shows these days is so familiar and worn and dated that it's almost impossible to garner any enjoyment out of it save by reclaimation - mainly, fanfiction. On our screens, women are controlled and abused and used to forward male storylines; our heroes rewalk the same cycle of character development for seasons, learning nothing and gradually becoming more and more farcical rather than investigate the meaty, weighty, non action packed issues at their core; millions can be spent on ever improving graphics and design, but less and less is done with the people playing them.

Where, I ask you, are the real stories? The ones that really matter? The ones that that stayed with you, that meant something even if you were too small to understand why. LOTR was successful because of its story. People still watch 2001 because of its story. People still read Dune and Foreigner and etc because of the stories.

What do we get instead? We get another spiderman origin story with another heteronormaltive white guy playing a story that has been, litterally, written into the ground more times than I can count in the last decade. We get Avengers: Age of Ultron where all the kickass, strong female characters are turned into love interests or else barely used at all, and a plot that makes all the sense of a pot dream (well, compared to the first at least). We get three Hobbit movies, the first of which was so nonsensical and just plain bad that I almost walked out of the theatre before they reached Rivendell. We get two part Mockingjay and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows and Breaking Dawn movies - and don't get me started on 50 Shades of Grey.

Where are all the new ideas? Where are the deep, gritty movies? Where are the light, fun movies? Where are the shows that aren't afraid to make strong women and POCs and etc? Why did it take months for the studios to renew Agent Carter but days to renew Daredevil (which I still haven't finished the second episode of, despite many attempts)? Dragon Age 2 introduced brilliant ideas of opression and safety and freedom and the need to be able to control your own destiny and the idea that you can still fail, despite your best attempts - but Dragon Age: Inquisition turned that into pointless rebellion, pointless slaughter, all at the hands of a cookie cutter enemy pulling strings.

In short, I want to put down a book or finish a game or leave a movie and feel somethign other that lingering disgust.
We could try watching Daredevil together? I don't know if it'll help, but I know sometimes that watching with someone else helps me actually finish stuff. It talks about corruption and justice and whether murder can ever be justified...IDK, we don't have to, but it's a suggestion.

I'm so tired of SPN's lack of interesting plots that I just feel tired.
We could... but obviously not tonight. I'm seriously surprised by the quality of the second half of OUAT S4, especially after how bad the first was. But it was quality, and feminist, and good, which is all that really matters.
It's so hard to conceive of OUAT episodes being so high quality...I mean, I believe you, but I have heard you talk about it for a while so I have some inkling of the crazy~
It is absolutely crazy. But the last 5 episodes really brought the game. It didn't undo the crazy, but it made it all work. I'm just as surprised as you.
I think that's sad, though. It shows what potential the show has, what the writers *can* do, but don't.
I think it's a question of "we have 23 episodes but our plot can be resolved in 10. What do we do?" and so we have a lot of filler episodes where nothing really much happens.