So I've been recovering from the flu from hell, which arrived just in time for Easter Break. I'm better now, but it's not helped by writing problems at all.

I find myself more and more wanted desperately to rewrite all of S4 of AJ, or at least everything from "Vir" onwards, but may just content myself with redoing "Frater," since it's giving me so much trouble. IDK what my issue with my muse is anymore. I want to write but find it so diffucult, and find myself aggressivly disgusted at everything I attempt, even more so than usual.

Wish me luck. Or something. 
I'm mostly feeling better. But my writing isn't going any better. And I dare anyone to code on dayquil.
Or anything really. DayQuil is only good to keep you from dying of a cold. Anything else is a lost cause.
*HUGS* Sorry to hear you've been sick :/

I randomly have periods of time when I just can't stand writing. Then just looking at a story that needs finishing brings on a feeling of nausea, everything seems like crap anyways, and I have to put it away. To me that means that I've just reached a kind of saturation point with writing and thinking about stories, and the only thing I can do is allow myself time of, and not feel guilty about it.

Right now I'm having that same feeling towards my jewellery projects. I would love to do something, but every time I sit at that table I just end up moving the beads and stuff around, and feeling angry when nothing happens -_-

Maybe you should take things ease until the flu has completely passed. Not feeling well makes everything seem worse than it really is. Do something that requires no higher brain functions, if possible :D At least with me that helps the brain rest, and eventually ideas start popping up again and I find myself drawn back to writing.

And of course, wishing you tons and tons of luck, bb, ♥! *smishes you*