Wormhole X-treme / Pegasus X-Treme / Lost In Space

So like three and a half years ago I posted my thoughts on Wormhole X-treme and it's spinoff Pegasus X-treme. Doing some thinking today, I decided that it was time to revamp and finalize my ideas, because we're getting to the parts in UB and AJ where they might be relevant.

First off, per my Locality 'verse, I imagine Wormhole X-treme to be Stargate: SG-1 with all of the goa'uld posing as the gods of the Aztec Pantheon instead of primaraly the Egyptian and all of the Asgard posing as various Native American and Polynesian goddesses instead of Norse gods, and the Ancients being called Old Ones. To this bent:Along this line, Stargate: Atlantis is Pegasus X-treme and Stargate: Universe is Lost in Space (because I just wanted to use that name). All of the episode names are the same throughout the series.

Secondly, the SG1 episode "200" takes place in Novemeber of 2001 per my insane timeline.

This means that WXT premired 27 July, 2002. Season two came on air June 26, 2003; season three June 25, 2004; season four June 30, 2005; season five June 29, 2006; season six June 7, 2007; season seven June 13, 2008; season eight July 9, 2009; season nine June 15, 2010; season ten July 14, 2011. "Unending" aired on March 13, 2012.

This also means that PXT premired on July 16, 2009. Season two came on air July 15, 2010; season three July 21, 2011; season four September 28, 2012; season five July 11, 2013. "Enemy at the Gate" aired on January 9, 2014.

Accordingly, LIS premired on October 9, 2014. Season two came on air on September 28, 2015. "Gaunlet" aired on May 9, 2016, but was not the series finale as shown in SGU. Three more seasons - season 3 in September 2016; season 4 in September 2017; and season five in September 2018 - would follow, with Destiny - called Discovery - reaching Atlantis - still called Atlantis - in the series finale in May 2019. It also has a lot more SGA stuff than SGU ever had, so that about 1 in every 4 or 5 episodes actually takes place entirely on Atlantis or Earth. And there are no communications stones.

Thirdly, Daniel Jackson serves as a technical advisor for all (god) 18 years the shows are on the air, excepting WXT S3, during which he was Ascended. Iohannes becomes a techincal/military advisor for PXT, also serving as a producer for seasons S3-S5, and is the executive producer for LIS. At some point, all of the primary cast members from SG1/SGA/SGU have walk on roles in their respective shows.

Except for Daniel. He plays Moros/Merlin on WXT/PXT. The costume is fantastic and he steals it for use in all future Haloween parties.

And Iohannes. He plays the PXT version of Janus, when that rolls around (for S4, in AJ). This is widely regarded to be earily spot-on and, consequently, rather creepy by those members of the Atlantis Expedition who had the chance to meet the actual Janus. He also keeps his costume, but mostly because it's some of his actual Alteran clothing and was his to begin with. The Stargate Program has been declassified by the time it airs, so it's less strange than it could have been.

Fourthly, these are the names of the WXT/PXT/LIS characters and my fancasts, where applicable. (I'm always welcome to hear new fancasts if someone has other/better ideas.)

Wormhole X-treme
WXT Character SG1 Character RL Actor
Col./ General Nick Danning Jack O'Neill Nathan Fillion
Cpt./Maj./LtCol./Col. Alexandria Monroe Sam Carter Natalie Portman
Dr. Peter Jacobs Daniel Jackson ?
Grell Teal'c Michael Dorn
Willem "Wim" Rutte Jonas Quinn Seamus Denver
LtCol./Col. Glenn Kennedy Cameron Mitchell ?
Odane Ibarra Vala Mal Doran Hayley Atwell
LtGen. Georgiana Monroe (ret) Jacob Carter Kate Mulgrew

Pegasus X-treme
PXT Character SG1 Character RL Actor
Maj./LtCol. Tim Shepherd / Timaeus John Sheppard / Iohannes Michael Trucco
Dr. Andrew Winters Rodney McKay Aaron Douglas
Melelu Teyla Grace Park
Lt. Avery Mason Aiden Ford Leonard Roberts
Dr. Paul Phillips Peter Grodin Dominic Keating
Dr. Alistair Boyes Carson Beckett Enver Gjokaj
Col. Frank Redding Marshall Sumner Harry Lennix
Dr. Isabel Watkins Elizabeth Weir Carrie Fisher
Cpt. Susan Hartford Laura Cadman Ellen Page
Leon Hertch Ladon Radim James Frain
Aliana Larrin Natalie Dormer
Akamu Ronon Dex Chiwetel Ejiofor

Lost In Space
LIS Character SG1 Character RL Actor
Col. Elliot Ballard Everett Young ?
Dr. Keith Wolfe Nicolas Rush ?
Nash Oliver Eli Wallace ?
Cpt. Nick "Junior" Danning J.C. O'Neill ?

And that's it. That's all she wrote. This is mostly to help me keep everything straight, but feel free to submit fancasts or "show" ideas. I'll be around.

In Addendum: Thinking still further about it, I imgaine the Stargates wouldn't be called that in WXT either - I'm leaning towards Portals right now.

Also, rather than have the SGC (or whatever they chose to call it) under Cheyanne Mountain, the WXT version would be in Area 51. And all the planets would look more mesoamerican than Vancouver.

In (continuing) Addendum: Having played entirely too much Dragon Age lately, I was struck with the idea that instead of Sam's father becoming Tok'ra in WXT, Alex's mother would become their version of Tok'ra. Because I wanted Kate Mulgrew to play the WXT character's mom. And I made the actress who plays Sam Natalie Portman. Because even if she might be a little too young for the part given the ages here, I honestly think she'd be the best option.
Ooo, what an interesting post. I love that you've given it this much thought. I also love that some characters even appear on the spoof shows, heh XD I think your idea for Lost in Space is 5x as interesting as SGU; if it had gone like that, I might have tuned in.

Also? I love who you've chosen to portray John & Rodney *grins*
They are really the only ones I could think of. PXT is weighted heavily with BSG actors, but who cares?

I really have put too much thought into this, but I got tired of having to recalculate which seasons the shows were on when I felt like mentioning them, so... (shrug)

And of course my Lost in Space idea is better than SGU. Literally beating a dead horse would have been a better idea.
Literally beating a dead horse would have been a better idea.
...Okay, you have a point there.