EMIGRES: Radek Zelenka

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Radek Zelenka

Born: 7 February, 1967
          in Brno, Czechoslovakia

          BS in Applied Informatics,
            Physics, Masaryk ('88)
          PhD in Theoretical Physics/
            Astrophysics, Masaryk ('91)
          PhD in Electrical Engineering,
            Stanford ('94)

          Lecturer, ETH Zurich ('94-'97)
          Professor, École
          Consultant, SGC ('03-04)
          DSCO, First Expedition ('04-'06)
          Peritus, Émigrés ('06-)

Other Relationships:
          Marek Zelenka (Father)
          Tereza Liska (Mother)
          Matěj Zelenka (Brother)
          Karolína Zelenka (Sister)
          Evan Lorne (Partner)

Had Radek's maternal grandmother, Christina, not been killed during the Porajmos, she would have told her descendants that her family line was cursed. Her own aunt, Anděla, was something of a Sintisa mystic, and "cursed" Christina when she chose to marry a Bohemian not of Romani blood - Radek's mathernal grandfather, Tomáš Liska. Naturally, this claim was laughed off - until the German occupation of Czechoslovakia.

It began with Christina: A known Sintisa, she targeted fairly early during the occupation and sent to the Lety concentration camp before dying in 1944 at Auschwitz. Tomáš survived by virtute of his Czech citizenship and his position at Masaryk University. His older brother, Radek Liska, was not so lucky and was among the members of the Masaryk Faculty of Science sent to - and ultimately killed at - Mauthausen. As for Radek's mother, Tomáš and Christina's only child, her aryan looks allowed the Liska's neighbours to pass her off as their own child. Tereza would be fifteen before she was reunited with her father after the war.

The "curse" did not end there. Tereza Liska married Marek Zelenka in 1959. Their marriage would last for sixteen years, until Marek died of a heart attack when Radek was only eight years old. Five years later, Radek's elder brother, Matěj, would be killed in a hit-and-run, and five years after that, Tereza would pass away as well, from complications from pneumonia.

As for Radek, his life was difficult but not "cursed". The early loss of his father would be hard on the family, but not insurmountable. More insurmountable would be his percieved political views - because of his early academic successes, he was considered, if not a prodigey, than at least an asset by the communist goverment, which led to a percieved closeness to the outgoing goverment by the revolutionaries. Because of this, Radek chose not to stay in his homeland during the revolution. He would earn his second PhD in the United States and hold various teaching postitions throughout Europe before being tapped for the new, international SGC that began to form from 2003 onwards.

Radek was sent to Atlantis as part of the First Expedition. Following the Second Exodus, he took up a teaching position at Masaryk University - marking the first time he'd been his homeland for over a decade - that he would summarily leave during the Haegira. Although he took nothing of value from the university, he, like the other Émigrés, would be charged with treason for the crime of leaving.

Additionally, he began a relationshi with fellow First Expedition member Evan Lorne in May of 2006.


  • Although he would retain his Czech citizenship until the Haegira, Radek went to the SGC and, later, Atlantis on a French billet do to his many years of service at École Polytechnique - and his related French military contracts.