TAU'RI: Samantha Carter


Samantha Marie Carter

Born: 29 December, 1968
          in Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota

          BS in Physics,
            USAFA ('90)
          Masters in Mechanical Engineering,
            Princeton ('91)
          PhD in Astrophysical Science,
            Princeton ('92)

          Senior Researcher,
            Stargate Program ('95-96)
          Researcher, DARPA ('96-'97)
          XO, SG-1 ('97-'04)
          CO, SG-1 ('04-'07)
          HoE, Third Expedition ('07-'08)
          CO, Phoenix ('08-'09)
          Commander, SGC ('09-'14)
          CO, Homeworld
            Command ('14-'26)

Other Relationships:
          Jacob Carter (Father)
          Ruth FitzSimmons (Mother)
          Mark Carter (Brother)
          Jack O'Neill (Husband)
          Jacob Daniel O'Neill (Son)
          Georgiana Janet O'Neill (Daughter)

A second-generation career officer, Sam's early Air Force career was made more difficult by claims of nepotism. As it became more and more clear that her academic success had little to do with her father, those uncomfortable with her abilities, whether because she was smarter than they or because she was a woman, would struggle and fail to derail her career. Following her graduation from the USAFA and commisioning, Sam spent years at Princeton earning her PhD in Astrophysical Science before running the gammet of various research postings before being sent to unlock the secerets of the Stargate.

Sam would spend 18 months as a Senior researcher on the Stargate Program before being transfered to DARPA three months before the First Abydos Mission. She would be transfered back to the SGC shortly before the Second Abydos Mission.

She would be the XO of SG-1 for nearly seven years. During this time, she would form a romantic attachment to her CO, Jack O'Neill. (Seasons 1-3 detailed here.) Despite her better judgement, the pair became involved in the summer of 2000. They formalized their relationship in 2002, and eloped on 3 March 2004 after Jack downloaded the Ancient database into his brain for the second time. (Seasons 4-7 detailed here.)

Although they conspired to keep their relationship a secret following Jack's revival, their plans were sidelined by Sam's unexpected pregancy with the couple's first child, Jacob Daniel. He would be born 22 January, 2006. By this time, Jack had already been named the first head of the newly formed Homeworld Command, putting Sam out of his direct chain of command. (Seasons 8-10 TBA.)

Sam would remain the CO of SG-1 thru the summer of 2007, when she would become Head of the Third Atlantis Expedtion. She would hold this position for a little over a year, until her pregnancy with her second child made this unwise, and she returned to the SGC. Georgiana Janet, would be born 12 November, 2008. ("Extinctor")

In late 2008, Sam would be named the CO of the newest F-304, Phoenix, a position she would hold until late 2009, when she would replace General Landry as Commander of the SGC. She would remain in his position through Declassification, and would be promoted to Commander of Homeworld Command following her husband's retirement in 2014. She would hold this position through two promitions and twelve years, finally retiring in 2026.

Sam and Jack would retire to upper Minnesota.


  • Although Sam would become fluent in written goa'uld and Asgard, she would have little skill in the spoken versions of either. This would prove doubly true of her Alteran.