FAN FIC RECS: Community

A selection of assorted fanfics encompassing the entirety of Community, arranged by appropriate ship. Suggestions for additions are always welcome.

Troy Barnes / Abed Nadir

Studies in Domestic Cohabitation by wiltedviolets:

  • Intro to Beard Grooming and Sartorial Extraction: Britta is starting to suspect that Troy might be using her as a beard.

  • Intermediate Home Economics: “We could make out," Abed says, once they’re back in the pillow fort, still dressed in their pajamas, and yeah, the idea of that is still not making Troy blush any less.

  • Remedial Health and Wellness: Abed likes kissing Troy. And Troy, it turns out, really likes being kissed, which is probably why they seem to spend all of their alone time making out now.

  • Communications for Film Majors: “I changed my Facebook status to say I’m in a relationship,” Abed says to Troy. “I didn’t say who it was with, though, so you don’t need to reciprocate. Shirley liked my status, but based on the comment she left she might think I’m dating Annie.”

Advanced Ambulatory Ichthyology by gyzym: Course provides advanced instruction in avoidance of the phenomenon commonly known as "jumping the shark." Prerequisites for this course include Introduction to Friendship, Contemporary Best Friendship, The Politics of Emotional Baggage and Cohabitation 207. Students may wish to simultaneously enroll in our sister course, Introduction to Non-Traditional Romance, but said enrollment is optional.

Fitter, Happier, More Productive by Toft: Britta decides Abed and Troy should be honest with the group about their relationship.