TAU'RI: Jessica Tate


Jessica Tate

Born: 28 May, 1987
          Henderson, Nevada

          BS in Physics,
            USAFA ('09)

          Physicist, Icarus Base ('09)
            Destiny Expedition ('09-'14)
          Magistra, Émigrés ('14-)

Other Relationships:
          Samuel Tate (Father)
          Jaqueline (Mother)
          Jennifer Tate (Sister)
          J.C. O'Neill (Husband)
          Summer Tate (Daughter)
          Autumn Tate (Daughter)
          Everett Tate (Son)

Born just outside of Las Vegas, Jessica's childhood was uneventful. She applied and was accepted to the USAFA and graduated second in her class with a degree in Physics. Jessica had intended to persue a doctorate in astrophysics upon graduating, but was chosen to join the Icarus Base / Nineth Cheveron Project instead. She was amongst those who evacuated to Destiny upon the attack on the base.

Although she had known J.C. at USAFA, the two did not become close until the Destiny Expedition. They eventually married in the fifth and final year of the Expedition and chose to remain on Atlantis, out of Jack O'Neill's shadow, upon their return to the known Stargate Network. They would have three children - twins, Summer and Autumn, born ninety minutes on either side of the Autumnal Equinox, thus earning their names, in 2015; and a son, Everett, in 2019.


  • Her husband, J.C., is an exact genetic clone of Jack O'Neill, excepting a few minor transcription errors. Because of this, her children and Jack's are genetically half-siblings.