TAU'RI: J.C. O'Neill


Jonathan Charles O'Neill II
aka J.C. O'Neill
aka J.C. Tate

Cloned: August 2003
          in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Relative DOB: 20 June, 1988
Legal DOB: 22 February, 1985

          BS in Computer Studies,
            USAFA ('09)
          Natural Gene User

          Programmer, Icarus Base ('09)
          XO, Destiny Expedition ('09-'14)
          Legatus, Émigrés ('14-)

Other Relationships:
          Jack O'Neill (Genetic Donor)
          Jessica Tate (Wife)
          Summer Tate (Daughter)
          Autumn Tate (Daughter)
          Everett Tate (Son)

The genetic clone of Jack O'Neill, J.C. was created by the rogue Asgard Loki in August of 2003 at the relative age of fifteen years of age. Although he retained the memories of his donor, he was placed into witness protection shortly after his creation with the intention that he never be noticed by anybody. Desperately unhappy in this life, he forged the identity of his/Jack's dead son, Charlie, and applied to the United States Air Force Academy in his son's name. (Simulacrum)

While at USAFA, J.C. did everything in his power to be an attractive recruit for the SGC - a task in which he succeeded. Upon graduation, he was recurited to the Icarus Base / Nineth Cheveron Project. He would become XO of the Destiny Expedition following the evacuation of the base later that year.

Although he'd known Jessica Tate at USAFA, the two became better friends aboard Destiny, eventually marrying in the fifth and final year of the Expedition, with J.C. chosing to adopt her name. Upon their return to the known Stargate network, J.C. and Jessica chose to remain on Atlantis, far from Jack's shadow.


  • Shares the exact genetic signature of his genetic donor, Jack O'Neill, excepting a few minor transcription errors. Because of this, his children and Jack's are genetically half-siblings.