TAU'RI: Jack O'Neill


Jonathan Charles O'Neill

Born: 20 October, 1952
          in Chicago, Illinois

          BS in Military & Strategic
            Studies, USAFA ('74)
          MS in Aeronautics,
            AFIT ('85)
          Natural Gene User

          CO, SG-1 ('97-04)
          Commander, SGC ('04-05)
          CO, Homeworld
            Command ('05-'14)

Other Relationships:
          Edward Charles O'Neill (Father)
          Dorthy MacIntyre (Mother)
          Sara Anders (Ex-Wife) ('82-'95)
          Samantha Carter (Wife) ('04-)
          Charlie O'Neill (Son)
          J.C. O'Neill (Clone)
          Jacob Daniel O'Neill (Son)
          Georgiana Janet O'Neill (Daughter)

It was once said of General Eisenhower:

He seemed transparent and simple but was neither. A reviewer of his published diary fragments long after the war would be struck by a "closed, calculating quaility;" the historian Eric Larrabee later decribed him as "a veiled man" who was "so seemingly forthright, so ready to volunteer his thoughts, yet in the en so secritive, so protective of his purposes and the hidden processes of an iron longic behind them." Every commander wore a mask, and Eisenhower wore his while still conveying sincerity, rectitude, and humanity. "I have a feeling that he was a far more complicated man than he seemed to be," wrote Don Whitehead, "a man who shaped events with such subtlety that he left others thinking they were the architects of those events. And he was stasfied to leave it that way."

But all of this could have just as easily been said of Jack O'Neill. The only child of a WWII infantryman turned factory worker and a switchboard operator, Jack was born in Chicago but raised largely in Minnesota. His early life is notable only by its lack of notability. Indeed, the most surprising thing about his youth is that he chose to enroll in the United States Air Force Academy at 17; certainly none would expect that he would become the most notable general of the 21st century.

Following commisioning, he quickly became known as the type of man who could get the job done without mess or fuss - a skillset useful for Black Opps, into which he was quickly drafted. His years running classified missions would put strain on Jack both professionally and personally, culminating in the accidental death of his ten-year-old son Charlie by his first wife, Sara Anders, in March of 1995. Marriage falling into shambles, Jack and Sarah would divorce later that year. The year after, Jack would agree to command the risky (and likely one-way) First Abydos Mission.

Surviving against all odds, Jack nonetheless retired until being reactivated to command the Second Abydos Mission and, later, SG-1. (Seasons 1-3 detailed here.)

Despite his better judgement, Jack became involved with his subordinate, Samantha Carter, in summer 2000. They formalized their relationship in 2002, and eloped on 3 March 2004 after Jack downloaded the Ancient database into his brain for the second time. (Seasons 4-7 detailed here.)

Although they conspired to keep their relationship a secret following Jack's revival, their plans were sidelined by Sam's unexpected pregancy with the couple's first child, Jacob Daniel. He would be born 22 January, 2006. By this time, Jack had already been named the first head of the newly formed Homeworld Command, putting Sam out of his direct chain of command. (Seasons 8-10 TBA.)

The O'Neill's second child, Georgiana Janet, would be born 12 November, 2008.

Jack would remain in his position through Declassification, and would retire in 2014 upon reaching his 40th year in the Air Force, chosing not to have his commission extended, as offered by the President. He would be succeeded in his post by his wife. The family would continue to reside in New York until 2026, when Sam and Jack would retire to upper Minnesota.


  • A direct male-line descendant of Ianus through his half-Terran son, Davidus Constantin / Daibhidh Causantín, and his first-born grandchild, Causantín Iain of Linne Mhoireibh.

  • 8th cousin once removed with Evan Lorne, through their mutual 7th/8th great-grandfather, James O'Neill.

  • 9th cousin once removed with Carson Beckett, through their mutual 8th/9th grandmother, Cecilly Gilchrist.