OTHERS: Vala Mal Doran


Vala Mal Doran

Born: 14 February, 1814
          on Athirat

          Host to the goa'uld
            Qetesh (1828-2001)

          Pirate ('01-05)
          SG-1 ('05-)

Other Relationships:
          Jacek Mal Doran (Father)
          Aderyn Mal Cahal (Mother)
          Adria Mal Abban (Step-Mother)
          Aeron Mal Doran (Sister)
          Sian Mal Doran (Sister)
          Meuric Mal Doran (Half-Brother)
          Tomin (Ex-Husband)
          Daniel Jackson (Husband)
          Adria the Orici (Daughter)
          Gwenyth Jackson (Daughter)
          Aderyn Jackson (Daughter)
          Nerys Jackson (Daughter)
          Idris Jackson (Son)

Vala was born a human slave on the goa'uld-controlled planet Athirat in the year 1814. Her parents, Jacek and Aderyn, were of the Mal slave cast - palace servants in the service of Qetesh, from whom the Lo'taur were chosen. Such would have been Vala's fate, as it was for her younger sisters and half-brother, if Qetesh had not desired a new host in the summer of 1828. Already considered a great beauty even then, Vala was chosen to be host. She was only fourteen and a half.

She was host to Qetesh for the next 173 years. During this time, she aged only slowly, so that when a Tok'ra rebellion on Athirat resulted in the overthrow and death of Qetesh in 2001, Vala only appeared to be twenty-five.

Chosing not to accept a Tok'ra symbiote, Vala became a pirate, first encountering SG-1 aboard Prometheus in 2005. She would join SG-1 later that year, only to be transported to the Alteran Home Galaxy during the Battle of Kallana. While there, she was impregnated with the Orici, Adria, and married the Ver Iscan Tomin to disguise the fact she had apparently become pregant out of wedlock. She gave birth to the Orici during the Battle of P3Y-229 and afterwards returned to SG-1.

Following the Battle of the Alteran Galaxy, Vala secured a divorce from Tomin, and began a relationship with Daniel Jackson. She gave birth to their first child, Gwenyth, on 8 August, 2008. They would wed shortly thereafter, on 9 October, 2008, and have three more children together.


  • Mother of the Orici.

  • Former host of the goa'uld Qetesh.

  • As her sisters Aeron and Sian would leave behind children of their own, she has a number of sixth great-nieces and nephews on Athirat. Due to the passage of time none of these nieces and nephews are aware of the connection.