TAU'RI: Daniel Jackson


Daniel Francis Jackson

Born: 8 July, 1965
          in New York City, New York
Ascended: 18 May, 2002
Descended: 18 June, 2003

          BS in Classical Civilization,
            Linguistics, Notre Dame ('85)
          PhD in Archaeology,
            Oxford ('88)
         The Truth About The Pyramids ('93)

          Rhodes Scholar ('85-'88)
          Lecturer, U of Chicago ('88-91)
          Lecturer, U of Arizona ('91-'94)
          Archaeologist, SG-1 ('97-08)
          Professor, USNA ('08-)

Other Relationships:
          Melburn Jackson (Father)
          Claire Ballard (Mother)
          Sha're (Wife) ('96-'99)
          Vala Mal Doran (Wife) ('08-)
          Gwenyth Jackson (Daughter)

Orphaned at a young age, Daniel was raised in foster care until being emancipated at age sixteen, shortly before he left to attend the University of Notre Dame. There he double majored in Classical Civilization and Linguistics in 1985. Earning a Rhodes Scholarship, he did his doctoral work in archaeology at Oxford University, completing his degree in 1988. He would sped the next six years lecturing at various colleges before being asked to resign do his contriversial veiw as published in The Truth About The Pyramids.

Two years later, he was highered by Catherine Langford to decode the secrets of the Stargate. He succeeded, eventually joining the First Abydos Mission, where he would meet and accidentaly wed his first wife, Sha're. Daniel would remain on Abydos until the arrival of the Second Abydos Mission a year later, during which time Sha're was taken as host by the goa'uld Amaunet. He joined SG-1 in an attempt to rescue her, but ultimately failed with her death in late 1999.

Daniel would remain on SG-1 as their archaeologist until fall 2008 (baring the year '02-'03 he spent Ascended), when he would become the first Langford Professor of Anceint History at the United States Naval Academy, in their new Department of Ancient Histories (ie, Stargate Studies), in preperation for the 2012 Declassification. That year he would also marry fellow SG-1 member Vala Mal Doran. Their first child, Gwenyth, would be born shortly after the start of the semester.


  • Speaks 26 languages: English, Spanish, Portugese, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Coptic, Domari, Nobiin, Latin/Alteran, Mandarin, Hindi, Hebrew, Aramaic, Punic, Demotic, Ancient Egyptian/Goa'uld, Unas, Phoenician, Swahili, Dari, Tajik, Danish, and Norwegian.

  • In 2008, he became the first Chair of the United States Naval Academy's newest department, Department of Ancient Histories. Following Declassification, it was renamed Department of Stargate Studies.

  • Since 2008, Daniel has been the Langford Professor of Ancient History at USNA.

  • Following Declassification, the professorship at the USAFA's Department of Stargate Studies was endowed as the Jackson Professor of Ancient History in his honour.