EMIGRES: Evan Lorne


Evan David Lorne
aka Davidus Iohanideus Argathelianus Pastor
aka Helianus Ascendant

Born: 22 July, 1970
          in San Francisco, California

          BS in Philosophy,
            Seattle University ('92)
          ABD PhD in Philosophy,
            UC Berkeley ('98-'01)
          Custodia ('06)
          Pastor ('06-)
          Natural Gene User

          XO, SG-11 ('03-'05)
          XO, First Expedition ('05-'06)
          Heres ('06-'07)
          Imperator ('07-)

Other Relationships:
          Eric Lorne (Father)
          June Childress (Mother)
          Iohannes Invictus (Adoptive Father)
          Bryan Hadley (Half-Brother)
          Robin Hadley (Half-Sister)
          Radek Zelenka (Partner)

The fact that Evan Lorne would eventually become Imperator of Pegasus - and thus, arguably, the most powerful being in the universe - would surprise no one so much as himself. Born the only son of a Navy sailor turned San Francisco cop and his Tennesse native lover - who, though she had long since abandoned her abusive husband and father of her two elder children, would remain legally married to another man until his death in 1992, - Evan seemed certain to lead a perfectly average life.

An ROTC scholarship would allow Evan to attend an out-of-state college. His commision in the Air Force, which included a stint at UC Berkeley as part of their own ROTC teaching cadre, would bring him back home and allow him to work on his discertation until 9/11 saw him rapidly deployed to Afghanistan. While there, a sample of his blood would eventually find it's way to the SGC, where his copy of the ATA gene would mark him as the second strongest gene user the SGC would ever have in its ranks (per the logorithmic scale Dr Beckett would produce, a tenth of a point below O'Neill and another tenth of a point above Beckett himself.)

Evan would serve on SG-11 for two years before being offered the post of XO for the First Expedition following the Battle of Atlantis. He would thrive in this post, eventually becoming custodia and, later, pastor, and forming a close relationship with the recovered lintre, Aurora. Because of this relationship, Evan was allowed to remain on Atlantis during the Helian Takeover - the sole Terran allowed to remain in the Pegasus Galaxy - and would eventually prove invaluable to Iohannes' plan to recover those First Expedtion members who desired to return to Atlantis - the Émigrés. For this, he was declared a traitor and dropped from the rolls of the Air Force, and made number 11 on the OSI's most wanted list.

During this time, he would also be adopted by Iohannes in the Alteran manner, receiving the name Davidus Iohanideus Argathelianus Pastor (Davidus from his middle name, David, as Evan is Welsh for John; Iohanideus for son of Iohannes; Argathelianus from Argathelius, the Latin name for Argyll, the duchy to which the march of Lorne belongs, it means adopted out of Argathelius), perenually shorted to 'Helianus. For this, he was also named Heres, and following Iohannes seeming death in July 2007, he ascended to the post of Imperator of Pegasus, hetaining that post even after Iohannes' return.

Additionally, he has been in a relationship with fellow Émigré Radek Zelenka since Many 2006.