EMIGRES: Rodney McKay


Meredith Rodney McKay

Born: 14 April, 1968
          in Québec, Canada

          BS in Aeronautics &
            Astronautics, MIT ('85)
          PhD in Astrophysics,
            CalTech ('88)
          PhD in Mechanical
            Engineering, Stanford ('91)
          Artificial Gene User
          Custodia ('04-'06)
          Pastor ('06-)

          Consultant, CIA ('78-91)
          Consultant, USAF ('92-'96)
          Consultant, SGC ('96-'04)
          CSO, First Expedition ('04-'06)
          Rector, Émigrés ('06-)

Other Relationships:
          William McKay (Father)
          Sharon Madison (Mother)
          Jeanne McKay (Sister)
          John Sheppard (Husband)

Born in Québec, Canada, Meredith Rodney McKay was the eldest child and only son of British-born automotive mechanic William McKay and his Québécoise bride, Sharon Madison. Precociously intelligent from a markedly young age, began école primaire a year early, eventually skipping Grades 2, 4, 7 and 8 to graduate at the age of – barely – thirteen. By this point, Rodney had already been consulting for the CIA for four years, ever since they had investigated the implosion-type atomic weapon he had built for a science fair. On their urging – and with their funding – he chose to pursue his undergraduate studies at MIT beginning in the fall of 1981. Although he would chose to major in aeronautics and astronautics rather than pure physics, the CIA would keep him on their payroll for another eleven years, until passing him with great recommendation on to the US Air Force, who would make great use of him.

Following his graduation – summa cum laude – in 1985, having just turned seventeen, Rodney headed west to the California Institute of Technology, taking with him approximately a quarter of a million dollars in US military grants. He would complete his first doctorate in 1988 in astrophysics before transferring to Stanford University just a few hours north. There he would take a second PhD in mechanical engineering, becoming at – barely – twenty-three one of the worlds foremost experts in aeronautics, wormhole physics, and the science of making things explode.

It is in this last capacity that Rodney would begin his work for the USAF, occasionally offering expertise on such programs as Brilliant Eyes and Brilliant Pebbles (precursors of the Terran Oracle network). Even after being read in on the Stargate Program in the summer of 1996, he would continue to work on Naquadah-enhanced warheads out of Washington, occasionally making trips out to Nellis Air Force Base to test his designs. Although familiar with the design, he would not encounter the Stargate until 2001.

Following the Persistent Memory incident of that same year (whereby Teal’c was trapped in the SGC’s Stargate), Rodney was transferred to Kuybyshev in the Russian province of Novosibirsk on the Kazakhstan border, where he research changed focus to Naquadah’s non-military uses – mainly in power generation and as an alloy. Although he would return briefly to the SGC a year later, this would be the last time Rodney would spent any significant time in North America.

From Siberia he went to Antarctica as part of the team researching the unearthed Alteran outpost. It was there he, in conjunction with Doctors Carson, Jackson, and Weir, discovered the Stargate address of The Lost City of Atlantis.

Rodney was the first to discover the Alteran, Iohannes, in stasis, and would come to form a close friendship with him. They would enter into a relationship in January 2005 immediately following the events of The Storm, and would later marry on 19 May, 2007.

In between, would side with Iohannes regarding the position of Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy, and although forced to return to Terra with the remainder of the First Expedition, he would write into Terra’s Oracle network a lacuna that would allow for his adoptive son, Argathelianus (Evan Lorne) to undertake the Haegria that would allow for the Émigrés return.

Having been made a custodia Atlantis in July of 2004, shortly after his arrival in the city, during his exile he constructed the first of a pair of devices that would allow him to communicate with Atlantis as a pastor would. Following the events in the Palamede, Rodney opted to transition to the transitional nanoids, leaving him with two data ports in his neck. From this point onward, his developments in this area would be classified as cybernetics. After the development of his third device, The Abstraction Machine, in late 2007, he could be considered the first of the Ultras*.

--Adapted from the synopsis of Avery Miller Rosenthal's biography of her great-uncle, Rodney McKay: The Second Prometheus (Atlantis Press, 2069).


  • Knows 4 languages: English, French, Russian, and Latin/Alteran.

  • His biography, Rodney McKay: The Second Prometheus, was written by his great-niece Avery Miller Rosenthal in 2068 and published the next year. It would prove - like all things relating to the Émigrés on Terra - controversal.

*Ultras – A faction of Lantean transhumanists formed c. 2053 that are proponents of human enhancement via mechanical and/or genetic modifications. At the time of Avery Miller Rosenthal’s publication in 2069, there were no more than a dozen of such extremists, whose modifications were limited to abstraction and entoptics. By the time of her death, the Ultras numbered at approximately fifty, ranging in modifications from abstraction to biomechanical organs.