TAU'RI: Alison Porter


Alison Porter

Born: 18 March, 1979
          in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

          BS in Psychology,
            Stanford ('01)
          PhD in Clincal Psychology,
            Yale ('05)

          Base Psycologist,
            Third Expedition

Other Relationships:
          Andrew Porter (Father)
          Sarah Aikens (Mother)
          Timothy Porter (Brother)

From a young age, Alison's brother Timothy was troubled, but a deep stuborn streak paired with the family desire to pretend nothing was amiss kept him from recieving the help he needed. By age fourteen he was already a budding alcoholic. By age fifteen he was on hard drugs. By sixteen he had dropped out of school, and by the week after his seveneenth birthday he was dead from an overdose of opiates.

Alison, three years older, was already in her second year of university. It was already her intention to major in psychology, but her brother's suicide cemented her desire to become a clinical psychologist and help those who were troubled, as her brother had been.

Thus it was with some surprise that she was recruited to the Third Atlantis Expedition after two years of post-doc work at Johns Hopkins. Initially slated to be a junior psychologist under the supervision of the Émigré psychologist Katie Heightmeyer, she was left as the only psycholgist on base following Heightmeyer's death and, thusly, Iohannes' primary psychologist following his Descension.
I still keep being amazed by how thorough you are with everything! O_O Having a picture and a small bio just instantly brings the character to life, and gives a firm, basic grasp of who they are. Just brilliant.

Oh and just a question, are there links where the stories are to these? Or do you have a list from which to get to these easily? I'd love to take a peek whenever a character comes along, so I don't have to guess what they look like.

Whenever I read something, that's what often bothers me, having to think of what someone looks like. If a description is open enough for my imagination , or done cleverly enough, things are fine. But when more than a certain amount of physical characteristics is given, like hair and eye colour, build, height, etc, I have to find a suitable image to match them before I can read further. So frustrating! Which is why I love these posts ^_^
Oh, yes. There are links from the stories to these - well, not this one specifically, as I just created it, but you know what I mean. I link to the bios if the bios don't specifically give something away. In my (long, involved) trek backwards, i'm cross referencing bios with the characters as they appear as I edit. But I don't have a lot of time lately, so... yeah.

I know what you mean. Porter was one of those actually cast on the show, so it was merely me trying to find my favorite image of Nicole de Boer, but for the OC's... well, that has been a story, let me tell you. I'm glad these bios can help in any way possible.