Year 6

I want to tell you a story.

It is the same story I tell every year, because six years ago I was a mess of a person. I had nothing to live for and less to hope for. I'd lost my job the week before Christmas, forcing me to move back in with my parents. That same week I was forced to put down one of my cats, and, in desperate attempt to stay on my parents health insurance, went back to school for a major I wasn't sure I liked at a school I'd never wanted to go to. And, in my free time - and all I had was free time - I was to watch my schizophrenic sister.

I was depressed. I was suicidal.

And then I began writing "Someone to Run To," this truely bizzare girl!Harry/Snape fic that came to me out of nowhere, and posted the first chapter 6 years ago today. I attribute the comments I got and the friends I made to why I'm still alive today.

A lot has changed since then. STaRT got me through some rough times, and The Guide Series - a Leah focused Twilight rewrite - got me through even more. Actually, all my Blackwater fics got me through some tough times. I bled my soul in to Leah, dark as it was, and came out stronger for it in the end.

There were some diversions along the way. My aborted Mass Effect fic probably would have been finished if I hadn't been distracted by ENT, and that would have been finished if I hadn't gotten distracted in turn by "The Dare", which I still get requests to finish from time to time. In fact, much of late 2010 thru early 2011 was me searching for a new fandom. I would get obsessed for a few weeks and then lose myself in something else - as "Dare" makes use of. And then I started reading Failure is Not an Option, which gave me an idea for a fic of the same name, that I must have filled up an entire notebook writing while visiting Williamsburg with my mom and brother that thanksgiving....

I felt really good about FNO too. I mean, really good. But I still needed something to occupy my days as I was trying to get into the Navy, and so I picked Stargate: SG-1 simply because it had 10 seasons and 2 spinoffs. I was hooked. I had barely finished SGA when I began writing "Pastor," which I honest to god intended to be a one-shot.

That was July 2011. "Pastor" has evolved into an entire universe, Locality, spanning about 15 years of in-story time and taking over my entire life. Not including the apocraphya, the 'verse clocks in at about 400k words, which is about 83% of the length of LOTR. Including all of the random ramblings I've written, that might be closer to 93%. AJ has seen me thru four jobs, two moves, the absolute disaster that was the Navy, two years of college, and some of the absolute worst days of my life. I've made some of my best friends in the process, who've helped me become both a better person and a better writer. You know who you are.

This year saw the creation of Sights Unseen, the SG-1 branch of Locality, for which the writing was very sporatic and for which I apologize again, though I did finally finish it and start on it's daisy-chain, Unfinished Business. It also got me from the bitter end of S3 - "Coniunix" to barely into S4 - "Gubernator," for which I should also probably apologize, though there were an insane number of drabbles in the process. And side stories. God, the side stories. I am absurdly pleased with "Simulcrum," though, and certain readers are weirdly obsessed with JC.

My favourite fics I've written remain "Steal In," my contribution to "The Road Not Taken"-'verse; and "Life You Love," with John's chain-smoking grandmother. I keep trying to finish Blue Skies, but keep getting distracted. I also keep trying to add to the "Whose Mortal Taste"-'verse, but have a weridly hard time with it.

Thank you again to everyone whose been on the journey with me - you're the ones who made it all possible. I will never be able to thank you enough.
You have been so prolific and a gift to this fandom. I'm so glad you found Stargate, and through it, our friendship. I'm so grateful ♥

Oh, I think I found a few gems I hadn't tripped over. : - )
I will never be able to thank you enough

Same goes for you *HUGS* And happy anniversary, I guess I should say :) I'm very happy that something came along that made you decide to stick around, the world wouldn't be the same without you,♥! \o/