SONGS OF THE LOST CITY - Pattern of Centuries

I've done it again: another music of Atlantis soundtrack. This one painfully built within 8track's "no more than two songs by the same artist" rules.


Skye Boat Song Outlander OST
Alan The Imitation Game OST
The Theory of Everything The Theory of Everything OST
Cornfield Chase Interstellar OST
Fly Ludovico Eianudi
Alone with Numbers The Imitation Game OST
Madame de Pompadour Doctor Who OST S2
Primavera Ludovico Eianudi
Giordano Bruno Cosmos OST
Violence and Variations BSG OST S3
Dust Interstellar OST
The Emigration Tunes Loreena McKennitt
To Build a Home The Cinematic Orchestra
Fire Twilight Piano Series
Wind Twilight Piano Series
Brian Boru's March Loreena McKennitt
Home Is Where the Heart Is Stephen Lu
Soon Love Soon Vienna Teng
A Kiss at Midnight Stephen Lu