TAU'RI: Eli Wallace


Eli Wallace

Born: 17 January, 1985
          in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

            MIT ('03-'05)
          Natural Gene User

          Apprentice, Émigrés ('07-'09)
          DCSO, Destiny Expedition ('09-'14)

Other Relationships:
          Jeremy Wallace (Father)
          Marian (Mother)

An utter genius and complete slacker all in one, Eli attended MIT for two years before returning home to help care for his mother, who had contracted HIV six years previously and whose condition began to significanly deteriorate. He spent a meaningful amount of time doing nothing of meaning at all, but still stayed up to date on the latest mathematical research.

When Iohannes came to Earth in late 2007 for his "Whistle Stop Lecture Tour," Eli spent the better part of a week on a bus going from his Philidelphia home to Georgetown to Columbia to MIT to see all three lectures given on the east coast. Getting the chance to speak to Iohannes after the MIT lecture, Iohannes was so impressed by him that he offered Eli the position of his aide-de-camp on Atlantis - a chance to be both his assitant and student.

During a visit to the Icarus Base with Iohannes in 2009, Eli was part of the group to evacuate to Destiny, where he'd become Nicholas Rush's second.