TAU'RI: Nicolas Rush

Nicholas Rush

Born: 14 April, 1961
          in Glasgow, Scotland

         BS in Mathematics,
           Oxford ('85)
         MSc in Mathematics &
            Theoretical Physics,
            Oxford ('88)
         PhD in Theoretical
            Mathematics, Oxford ('89)

          Professor, UC Berkeley ('88-'07)
          Physicist, SGC ('07-08)
          CSO, Icarus Base ('08-09)
          CSO, Destiny Expedition ('09-'14)

Other Relationships:
          Douglas Rush (Father)
          Fiona (Mother)
          Joseph Rush (Brother)
          Christopher Rush (Brother)
          Caitlin Rush (Sister)
          Zachariah Rush (Brother)
          Catherine Rush (Sister)
          Gloria Jerome (Wife)

The second of six children, there was always too much month left after the money ran out. With both his parents working as many jobs as possiible to care for their family, Nick and his siblings were often left with little supervision other than each other. To call them, particularly the boys, hooligans might be overly kind. The eldest, Joseph, was killed in a gang fight in 1976, having just turned seventeen. Christopher, Nick's next-younger brother, would die at seventeen as well, in an accident at the Glasglow shipyards where he, Nick, and their father worked. His youngest brother, Zack, would also be seventeen when arrested and detained for life for committing a double homicide in the course of an armed robbery.

With this background, it is remarkable that Nick managed to go as far as he did. Indeed, it appeared he would go down the same path as his brothers until he had a coming to god moment after seeing Joseph killed. From then on he applied himself in school, determined to escape what appeared to be his fate, and worked multiple jobs before earning a scholarship to Oxford in 1981.

After doing post-doc work at Cambridge, he was hired as a professor at UC Berkeley, where he would remain until recruited for the Icarus Project by Daniel Jackson in late 2007 - a position he only accepted because his wife of seventeen years, Gloria, had passed away the previous spring. He would go on to become the lead scientist for both the Icarus Base and Destiny Expedition.