TAU'RI: David Telford


David Luis Pelayo Telford

Born: 17 February, 1962
          in Subic Bay NS, Phillipines

          USAFA ('84)

          SG-9 ('97-00)
          SG-15 ('00-07)
          CO, Second Expedition
          CO, Office of Special Activities,
             JFCC ISR ('07-'08)
          CO, Icarus Base ('08-09)

Other Relationships:
          Victor Telford (Father)
          Aveline Ancheta y Pelayo (Mother)
          Emily Adams (Wife)

The only child of a US naval aviator and his Filipino wife, David was driven from a young age. He would graduate top of his class from the United States Air Force Academy in 1984 and be tapped to become the XO of the reformed SG-9 following the loss of Jonas Hanson's team in September 1997. In 2000, with the expansion of the SGC's mandate, David was given a promotion to lieutenant colonel and command of SG-15. He would remain with SG-15 until early 2007, when he was drafted to become military commander of the Second Atlantis Expedition.

Unbeknownst to the SGC, David was captured and brainwashed by the Lucian Alliance shortly after his promotion to colonel in late 2006. He would remain their spy until late 2007, when the brainwashing was discovered after a move to take control the Antarctic Outpost and, thus, the Terran cathedra. After recovering, it was allowed to take command of the Icarus Base project.

Additionally, he became involved with his friend Everett Young's ex-wife, Emily Adams, after his return to Earth following the end of the Second Expedition. This relationship continued through his recovery, at which point Emily was read on to the Stargate Program. They would marry in late 2008.