The Tau'ri

Because it occured to me I should make a Tau'ri version of this list for all the biographies I've been making, admittedly, mostly for my own benefit. They are subdivided according to posting/position/reason we care about them.

Stargate Command

The Atlantis Expeditions

The Destiny Expedition


  1. Jacob O'Neill (22.1.06-)

  2. Georgiana O'Neill (12.11.08-)

  3. Charlie O'Neill (1.6.85-27.3.95)

  4. Miranda Teldy (2.4.86-)

This is by no means a complete list, and exists mostly to give me a place to stick bios I, admitely, create mostly for my own edification. A lot of the backgrounds, particularly for the minor/SGU characters, probably diverges quite heavily from what they tell us in the show, but that's my cross to bear.