TAU'RI: Everett Young


Everett Moreira Young

Born: 5 August, 1968
          in Indianapolis, Indiana

          USAFA ('90)

          SG-17 ('02-'08)
          XO, Icarus Base ('08-09)
          CO, Destiny Expedition ('09-'14)

Other Relationships:
          Hugh Young (Father)
          Miguel dos Reis (Stepfather)
          Maria da Assunção Moreira (Mother)
          Casey Young (Sister)
          Montgomery Young (Brother)
          Alton Young (Brother)
          Emily Adams (Ex-Wife)

During WWII, the American Armed Forces built an air field on the island of Terceira in the Portugese archipelago of Azores. One of the American soliders, Richard Grooms, fell in love with a Terceirense woman, Francisca Moreira, during this time. Although he would die on the Western front before their daughter, Maria da Assunção, was born, he made provisions for mother and daughter to move to the US after the war, although the political situation in Portugal was such that the move could not be completed until 1951. Maria da Assunção would marry Hugh Young of Indianapolis in 1967.

Everett's father was a veteran of the Vietnam War, who left the USAF after his plane was shot down and he narrowly escaped capture. He would suffer from PTSD for the rest of his life, becoming temperamental and occasionally violent. He would never be able to hold down a job for long, and although the circumstances around his death in 1982 were declared accidental, his family could never be entirely certain it was not suicide. Everett's mother would remarry two years later to a fellow Portugese-American, Miguel dos Reis, who provided a solid father figure to Everett's younger siblings.

Everett himself wanted nothing more than to fly from an early age. He won a position at the United States Air Force Acadamy in 1986 and graduated four years later, if not with top honors, than well within the upper twenty percent of his class. He would marry Emily Adams in 1995. They would divorce nine years later.

He would become the CO of the newly formed SG-17 in 2002, becoming good friends with the leader of SG-15, David Telford, during this time. Everett would remain in this position until 2008, when Telford tapped him to become XO of the Icarus Base. He would become CO of the Destiny Expedition following the evacuation of the base in 2009.


  • Speaks two languages: English and Portugese.