The more and more I reas SGU fic (out of desperation), the more and more I come to the conclusion I'm actually going to have to try to watch the series again, because there are questions that I'm sure have to be answered somewhere in the show.

  1. Basic hygiene supplies. Toothpase. Shampoo. Soap. None of these were likely to be things people thought to take with them during the evacuation and, even if one person had, it's not going to last aproximately 40 people 2+ years. But they had to do something, because a lot of the women in the show had nice, long, shiny hair.

  2. On that note, feminine hygiene products. Also something probably not taken with them during the evacuation of Icarus, and something for which there'd be a distinct need. And, considering they mostly had only the clothes on their back and they'd not yet encountered any civilizations by the time I stopped watching, it's not like they had any clothes to sacrifice to the cause.

  3. Were all the bedclothes just there?

  4. Birth control. There are a number of healthy, presumably fertile, people on board and presumably at least some of them are having sex on a regular basis. It's a fact that historical methods of birth control don't work all that well and I doubt they have stores of the modern versions onboard. Plus, accidents happen. How had it not by the end of the series?

  5. Nair scisors. Nail scisors. All the stuff that should be under #1 but you don't normally think of.

  6. Toilet paper.

That's all that's coming to mind right now, but there are littlerally dozens of them. I NEED TO KNOW.
probably not. but it SHOULD be. Soap can be made from rendered fats - but does anyone on board know how? Did they have to use the stones to bring an anthropologist on board to tell them how to survive in a post apocalyptic situation? Is one of the crewman one of those IN CASE OF ZOMBIE ATTACK people who knows how to survive on his/her wits and make soap and preserve food and make cloth from plant fibers?

And is there like a secret circle of all the women on the crew who got together to figure out what to do about #2? Or who try to remember all the old wives tales their grandmas told them about preventing pregnancy on the off chance one of them is right?

I WISH I COULD HELP YOU. I JUST DON'T KNOW. I feel like figuring out what to do about periods would be the easy part. I know they are stranded on the ship, but if they're truly desperate they can rip 1 piece of cloth into pieces for all of them. And then they just have to clean it often. The pregnancy, however, I just don't know...
ooh, you're right. If the bedclothes were already there, that can solve that problem. Lots of empty rooms and all, though cleanliness would be difficult. And possibly uncomfortable depending on the clothes they were wearing at the time.