EMIGRES: Andrew Meyer


Awang "Andrew" Meyer
Born: 2 August, 1968
          in Somerset, UK

          BS in Medicine,
            Cambridge ('88)
            Cambridge ('91)
          Immunology Fellowship,
            Karolinska Institute, ('93)
          PhD in Epigenetics,
           Karolinska Institute, ('95)
         Natural Gene User

          Immunologist, First Expedition
          Medicus, Émigrés

Other Relationships:
          Richard Meyer (father)
          Dayang Raja (mother)
          George Meyer-Allard (half-brother)
          Adiputeri "Anna" Meyer (sister)
          Batari "Beth" Meyer (sister)

Andrew's father, Richard, was attached to the Royal Army Forces in southeast Asia as a Chaplain to the Forces 4th Class during the Malayan Emergency. Although he was married at the time to the sister of a fellow Anglican chaplain, Sarah Allard, he met and fell in love with Dayang Raja in one of Malay's New Villiages. Shortly after Dayang gave birth to the couple's first child, Adiputeri, Richard and Sarah divorced, allowing him to marry Dayang and bring her back to the UK after the end of the conflict. Awang, called Andrew, was the couple's first son and third child.

Andrew made the decision to become a doctor early, gaining his MD at age 24 and completing two compeditive fellowships in Immunology and Epigenetics at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Following the Battle of Atlantis, he was recruited to the First Atlantis Expedition. Following the recovery of the Tria crew, she was almong those who requested to remain on Atlantis.

During the Second Exodus, he accepted a position at Cambridge along side Kate Heightmeyer. Together they were able to take several thousand dollars in medical equptment with them during the Haegira. He is currently wanted by the UK goverment for treason and felony larcony.