Week 2

Well, it's been another hellish week. Despite MLK day, I had 3 days where I was on campus 11 hours or more, and today I was supposed to leave a 3:50 and got held up until 4:30 because nobody talks like my SSTEM seminar professor can talk.

I'm enjoying most of my classes, though my undergrad Software Engineering class is so-so. I just plug in the headphones and work on the assignements in class, which seems to be working so far. Database is also leaving something to be desired, mostly because today's the first class in 2 weeks that we've actually learned something. We're supposed to be doing group projects - and, in a flash of stupidity from me, I agreed to be a group leader - and have little to no idea what those projects will be or how to do them at this point. But everything else is okay. More or less.

Today was my boss' last day. She hired me just over a year ago and became a great friend and I'm going to miss her so much. Particularly because that means there's not a buffer between me and her boss anymore. I also have to share office space now, which wouldn't be so bad if the internet connection was stronger and didn't kick us both off our computers every time we try to do something. Which is annoying, as my job is web content specialist.

What's weird though are the things you think about in the middle of all this busy. For instance, I've been trying to doodle a handwritten version of the Ancient script, mostly because the version that exists now would be too unweildly for anything but a computer display, which leads to an interesting deconstruction of language. Most of my attempts end up looking vaugely Korean, so make of that what you will. I've also been trying to decide if it'd be worthwhile for John in the AJ 'verse to hire people from Earth to come to Pegasus to fill in the gaps in their manpower - maybe form his own private military company to get ex military to help train the Argosy, and maybe people with mining experience to get the raw materials they can't. But I've not decided how isolationsist they want to be or how many more OCs I'm willing to bring on.

I also spent far too long trying to decide the cultural implications of a base-8 society and how this would have changed their approach to computing. That, and what kind of programing language the ancients would have used that could have evolved into an AI. Something declaritive maybe? With a whole host of implicit functions?

But yeah, that's me. I've a weekend to recover and so much cleaning to do. It's supposed to snow, which puts a dent in my food-buying plans. But what can you do?
My god you are busy. I work 3 days a week and have class on two - the longest of which is only 4 hours - and I feel tired and achy and grumpy. But