TAU'RI: Miranda Teldy


Miranda Teldy

Born: 2 April, 1986
          in Carthage, North Carolina

          BA in Elementary Education,
            English, Vanderbilt ('08)

Other Relationships:
          Joseph Teldy Sr. (Grandfather)
          Anna Coffey (Grandmother)
          Raymond Teldy (Father)
          Marianne Teldy (Mother)
          Joseph Teldy Jr. (Uncle)
          Aaron Teldy (Uncle)
          Abraham Teldy (Uncle)
          Leah Teldy (Aunt)
          Rebecca Teldy (Aunt)
          Isaac Teldy (Uncle)

The product of rape, Miranda was raised believing that Anne was her eldest sister rather than her mother. No one save Anne herself knows the true identiy of her father - Anne's own uncle, Raymond Teldy. She was raised by her grandparents (believing them to be her parents) until they discovered she was a lesbian when she was fifteen. Rather than allow her to be sent to a conversion therapy camp, Anne took her in - without telling Miranda she was her daughter.

Miranda began attending Vanderbilt University as an Elementary Education / English dual-major in the months before Anne goined SG-1. She graduated summa cum laude in 2008.