TAU'RI: Anne Teldy


Marianne Teldy

Born: 12 March, 1969
          in Carthage, North Carolina

          BS in Operations Research,
            US Naval Academy ('90)
          M.Eng. in Operations Research,
            Cornell ('98)

          SG-5 ('04-'07)
          XO, Second Expedition
          CO, Third Expedition

Other Relationships:
          Jasper Teldy (Grandfather)
          Joseph Teldy Sr. (Father)
          Anna Coffey (Mother)
          Joseph Teldy Jr. (Brother)
          Aaron Teldy (Brother)
          Abraham Teldy (Brother)
          Leah Teldy (Sister)
          Rebecca Teldy (Sister)
          Isaac Teldy (Brother)
          Miranda Teldy (Daughter)

The oldest of seven children, Anne comes from a family of Southern Baptists preachers whose adherance to the word of the Bible in later years caused them to miss the message written in the lines - particularly Do Unto Others and Love Your Neighbours. Even so, there could be great charity in the Teldy family. All six of Jasper Teldy's brothers fought with him in WWII: three died at Anzio, two in Iwa Jima, and one in Okinawa. For their courage, two of them were awarded posthumous Medals of Honor.

Growing up, a great deal of responsibility was placed on Anne's shoulders. She bore it well, but wanted more from life than small town North Carolina could offer her. She appied to the Naval Academy in secret, only telling her family once she'd been accepted. Even when she became pregnant after being raped her senior year, Anne remained determined to become a Marine. She gave birth to a daughter, Miranda, that April, and shipped out that May. Miranda was led to believe she was Joseph and Anna Teldy's youngest daughter, with only a select few members of the family knowing otherwise.

Anne would have little interaction with her daughter for the next fifteen years, until her parents threw Miranda out for being a lesbian. Anne took Miranda in without telling her the truth. As of 2007, Miranda still believes herself to be Anne's sister.

Meanwhile, Anne would be read onto the Stargate Program shortly before the First Atlantis Expedition left, becoming a member of SG-5 until she was chosen as Colonel Telford's XO for the Second Expedition. Following Telford's departure, she was named military commander for the Third Expedition.