TAU'RI: Richard Woolsey


Richard Prescott Woolsey IV

Born: 27 October, 1953
          in Westport, Connecticut

          Brooks School ('71)
          LL.B., Harvard ('75)
          J.D., Harvard ('77)
          MBA, Harvard ('78)

          Advocate, Heartshorn
            and Slaughter ('77-85)
          Litigator, USACoE ('85-98)
          IA Agent, NID ('98-04)
          IOA Representive ('04-08)
          HoE, Third Expedition ('08-)

Other Relationships:
          Richard Woolsey III (father)
          Martha Hartshorn (mother)
          Jane Kean (ex-wife)
          Teyla Emmagan (partner)

Richard - called Ivey by his family - came from money. His paternal grandmother was a Vanderbilt while his maternal grandmother was descended from both the Rockfellers and McCormicks. It had been hoped he would enter politics upon completing his law degree, but he chosen instead to become an appellate advocate for Hartshorn and Slaughter in New York City. In 1985, he left Hartshorn and Slaughter to become a litigator for the United States Army Corps of Engineers, rising in 1992 to Cheif Counsel. He was headhunted for the NID in 1998 to conduct investigations into the rogue members of their agency and was read on to the Stargate Program at that time, although he'd have no formal business with the SGC for many years. After the discovery of the Antarctic Outpost, he was one of the loudest voices for folding the NID into the newly formed IOA, for which he later became the primary American Representative.

In this new role, he was tasked with moderating American involvement in the Stargate Program, which allowed him the biggest task force inside of the IOA. Although some would view his actions within this position as witchhunting, Richard's actions justified many of the SGC's projects, to the extent that he can be said to have protected the Program far more than he appeared to harm it. The IOA's golden child, he appeared a shoe-in to succed Committee Head Carl Strom before requesting placement with the Third Atlantis Expedtion following Colonel Samantha Carter's departure.

Additionally, he entered into a relationship with the Athosian Teyla Emmagan in September of 2007.


  • Harvard Law Review.

  • 4th great-grandson of Vanderbilt family founder Cornelius Vanderbilt thru his eldest son, William Henry. As such, he is the fourth cousin of Jamie Spencer-Churchill, 12th Duke of Marlborough.