So school started back up again today, and I for one am like wait, I MISSED this?

My department switched buildings over the break, which is annoying (because the place is Daedalus' labyrinth, with interior dimensions that don't match up with exterior shape, numbered stair cases that appear to move throughout the day, and the annoying habit of being on different levels depending on which part of the building you enter on for no apparent reason) but the rooms are nicer.

Had my first graduate level course today, which was interesting. It's just going to be two projects, which schould be cool, and mostly desgin phase stuff, which is even cooler, but the bookstore doesn't stock the text at all, which is the first time I've been PO'd with the university's rental system since I got here.

Also had the first class for my student assitantship. I'm basically TA'ing an Introduction to Theory class without being paid, but it should be cool and half the time I'll be able to work on my own stuff in class. But still, it's a big class and a big responsibilty later on, because I'll be tutoring as well.

Work was okay. It's werid being back after break, but I've now been there a year tomorrow... Which I would be happier about if my boss, who wasn't the best boss in the whole world, wasn't reisiging. I understand her reasons - she's been commuting 2 hours for a year now - but I'll miss her. A lot. She's a good friend as well as a good boss.

I've also been tapped to be a GA for a teach-middle-schoolers-CS-in-underprivilaged-areas program, which should be cool if I can fit it into my schedule. My SSTEM project hasn't started up yet, thank god, and I'm already loathing going back to cyptocurrentcy, but c'est la vie. Add in the Women in CS club I head up... and my life is looking really hectic for the forseeable future.

And let's not forget Dad. He's starting grad school today and I've already spent an hour explaining prepositions to him and what his professor means for his writing requirements. God.

Wish me luck

GOOD LUCK! ^_^ *hugs*

Getting back to things, especially if something has changed, is always hard, but you'll get used to it soon enough :) (Though the new building sounds really Escher-like O_O)
Eh, I just need luck not to go crazy before the end. With luck, I'll remember to breathe at the end of the semester.