Unfinished Business: S4 Master Post

Unfinished Business: Season Four Master Post

That Gravity should be innate, inherent and essential to Matter, so that one body may act upon another at a distance thro' a Vacuum, without the Mediation of any thing else, by and through which their Action and Force may be conveyed from one to another... [x]

A series of Sam/Jack heavy missing moment's spanning Stargate SG-1's fourth through seventh seasons following Sights Unseen. The fourth season of SG-1 and the first season of Unfinished Business, a part of the Locality universe.

  1. Nemesis

  2. Small Victories

  3. Upgrades

  4. Divide and Conquer

  5. Window of Opportunity

  6. Watergate

  7. Beneath the Surface

  8. Tangent

  9. Serpent's Venom

  10. The Light

  11. Entity

  12. Exodus