ATHOSIANS: Malie Islien


Malie Islien

Born: Spring 1982
          on Athos


Other Relationships:
          Piripi Sirelle (father)
          Hanale Islien (mother)
          Halling Sirelle (uncle)
          Tane Islien (brother)
          Ruiha Islien (sister)
          Kahale Islien (brother)
          Ngaio Islien (sister)
          Anaru Islien (sister)
          Jinto Sirelle (cousin)
          Teyla Emmagan (2nd cousin)
          James Watson (partner)

Malie's story is one of survival. During the 2004 Culling of Athos, she lost her mother, father, grandmother, and her two younger brothers. At age 22, she was now responsible for her young sisters - Ruiha, 17; Ngaio, 14; and Anaru, 11 - without a home or a village to support her. Without taking time to mourn, she immediately did her best to make herself useful to the Atlantis Expedition. When settlements were finally set up upon the Lantean mainland, she sent her youngest sisters with her only surviving close realative, Halling Sirelle, while she and Ruiha remained on Atlantis doing domestic labour - cooking, cleaning, washing, mending and so on - that the Expedition was not fully staffed to do themselves.

After the Haegria, Malie opened a dressmaking shop in Atlantis' marketplace, becoming the Émigrés' primary seamstress.

Although she has recieve some criticism from both the Athosians and the Second/Third Expedition members for her relationship with Émigré James Watson, their relationship has lasted since early 2005, thru the Second Exodus.