EMIGRES: Katie Brown


Katherine Brown
Born: 27 April, 1971
          in Caribou, Maine

          BS in Biology, Chemistry,
            Washington University
            in St. Louis ('91)
          PhD in Plant Genetics,
            Columbia University ('94)

          Botany/Genetist, First Expedition
          Perita, Émigrés

Other Relationships:
          Henry Brown (father)
          Natalie (mother)
          Rachel Brown (sister)
          Aaron Brown (brother)
          John Parish (partner)

Katie Brown was a native of Caribou, Maine who barely left the county she was born in until she began her undergraduate courses at Washington University in St. Louis. She later obtained her doctorate in Plant Genetics at Columbia University, working as a postdoc there until early 1997, when she was hired by the SGC, becoming a botanist on loan to most SGC teams in addition to her research. After the Battle of Atlantis, she was chosen for the First Atlantis Expedtion. Following the recovery of the Tria crew, she was almong those who requested to remain in the city.

During the Second Exodus, she took up a teaching position at Columbia University with fellow former First Expedition member James Watson. Together they were able to take several base chemicals difficult to obtain in Pegasus with them during the Haegira. She is currently wanted by American authorities for treason and grand larcony.

Additionally, she has been in a relationship with fellow Émigré John Parish since late 2005.