Rising: The Dawn of an Empire II (The Fish Drabble)

The Ancient!John 'verse: Rising: The Dawn of an Empire II (The Fish Drabble)
Summary: An excerpt from the definitive history of Atlantis' first five years.
Series: A post series drabble the Ancient!John'verse. Part of Locality.
Notes: Yes. I know. I have problems. All the names you don't recongize can be found, with bios, here.

Rising: The Dawn of an Empire
" fruitful and multiply..."

Even more so than the Haegira, the citizens of Atlantis used the city’s relocation to Nova Loegria as a chance to reinvent themselves – or, perhaps, to better lay the foundations for their future. “It all started with Noah,” Adi Ahavah, the Israeli ex-patriot whose work integrating Ancient propulsion systems with Tau’ri technology would revolutionize how mankind travelled, said in a declassification interview.

Nova Loegria was nothing like Lantea. Lantea was an extremely Earth-like planet – a little bit smaller, a little bit slower on its axis, a little bit closer to its sun – but Nova Loegria was something else entirely. Oh, it was just as habitable, but we’re talking a superearth, one with a quick rotation and a core about ten percent ice. We eventually figured the ocean floor was four hundred fifty kilometres below the surface. It was a true waterworld.
Noah [Doctor Baker, a marine biologist] loved it. He spent about a month mapping the ocean before realizing that the only islands of any size on the planet were unsuitable for farming. So what does he do but go to the linter hangar, grab all the scrap metal he can get his hands on, and build what you could probably call a fishing trawler. Didn’t tell anyone else about it either. He just built it and launched it and the first any of us knew about it was when it showed up on the sensors in the Gate Room as a rouge object on the water. By the end of a week he had collected enough that the Genii were willing to trade us half a crop of tava beans for it all.
Amanda [Doctor Cole, a neurologist] was furious about it when she found out too. They got into a huge fight about it right in the middle of the mess hall as we were hauling it all to the kitchens. She called him things I’d never heard before. And then, when she’d finally run out of steam, Noah just proposed, like it was the most common thing in the universe, and that was that really.

It was as if a switch flipped. The Émigrés who, like the First Expedition they had once been a part of, had largely been hyper-intelligent, under-socialized, solitary individuals who engaged only causal relationships with each other, suddenly began pairing off. Amanda Cole and Noah Baker’s engagement was quickly followed by Katie Brown and John Parish’s, which was followed in turn by Miko Kununsagi and Paul-Henri Durand’s and two others.
“For a while there was a wedding a month,” General Cater recalls with some amusement. “Folks from the SGC were going back and forth all the time then. It helped calm things down, I think. These people, despite all the politics going on, were still all our friends. Only instead of blenders on their wedding registries there were things like the latest scientific journals and coffee beans. In retrospect, it was all a little bizarre.”
Despite Cole and Baker’s early engagement, the Émigrés’ first child was born to Adi Ahavah and Irfam Abaza on 5 February, 2008 after a high-risk pregnancy. This child, Issur Ahavah-Abaza, would be the first child born in Atlantis since Nicolaa de Luera Pastor in 8227 BCE, and though his parents would never marry, Ahavah and Abaza remain in one of the SGC’s notorious dedicated and un-formalized relationships to this day.
Atlantis was becoming a colony.

--Excerpt from Lt Col Ángel Perez’s history of Atlantis Rising: The Dawn of an Empire (Picador, 2025).

Atlantis was becoming a colony ♥ ♥ I really like that they're starting to pair off - I'm kind of surprised it didn't happen sooner, to be honest, and the first baby born since Niccola - I wonder how John felt about that? But I like this drabble, it makes Atlantis feel more like a home, I guess? I'm not sure how to word it.
well, not starting to pair off - but starting to take their pairings seriously. Marriages. Kids.

John will definitely have a lot to say on the kid. Remember, he broke up with Nicolaa because she wanted one and he didn't. But mostly it will be positive.

Thus ushers in the age of empire.... (also, there are a whole bunch of shorter ones of these over on a03 if you're interested. I didn't bother posting them here.)