So, maybe one day I'll write a fic about Max the SGC Costume Guy (yes, I've named him, and I've a fic in my head already for him), but right now I've been struck with another beautiful idea:

You know how they're always complaining about the water filtration systems in SGA? At least, it seems that way after reading some fics, my own included. Well, I was reading this article about oysters and immediately came to the conclusion that Atlantis' water filtration system has to use some sort of shellfish. It's cheap, it's easy, and the Ancients could even eat the oysters when they're done if they really wanted to. Because you can't tell me that even with advanced technology, they wouldn't take the path of least resistance some of the time.

So, naturally, my brain concluded that all of the water filtration systems issues were caused by the fact that the shellfish had been allowed to run amok for 10,000 years. The poor fool sent to deal with the issue spends half the day patching up holes and scraping off oyster shells off of sensitive equiptment and removing them from areas where they shouldn't be. The year Atlantis was out of contact with earth, the expedition ate so many that none of them could stand the sight of osysters ever again, and now they're one of Atlantis' most successful exports to Earth.