EMIGRES: Brandon Nelson


Brandon Nelson
Born: 27 October, 1976
          in Atlanta, Georgia

          BS in Biology,
            Russian Literature,
            Duke University ('95)
          PhD in Mycology
            Duke University ('98)
          PhD in Microbiology,
            Duke University ('00)
          Botonist/Mycologist, First Expedition
          Peritus, Émigrés

Other Relationships:
          Quintin Nelson (father)
          Donna (mother)
          Zachary Richards (partner)

The youngest of the Émigrés by two years, Brandon grew up in inter-city Atlanta before attending Duke University. As an undergraduate, he double majored in Biology and Russian Literature before settling into the field of mycology. Upon receving his second doctorate, he went to work for the SGC before being chosen for the First Atlantis Expedition. Following the recovery of the Tria crew, he was almong those who requested to remain on Atlantis.

During the Second Exodus, he took up a teaching position at Duke University alongside fellow former First Expedition member Zachary Richards. Significantly, although they took several thousand dollars worth of crop seeds, the university chose not to press charges against them, leaving him one of three Émigrés not wanted for anything more than treason by his goverment.

Additionally, he has been in a relationship with fellow Émigré Zachary Richards since July 2007. (Read more about their relationship here.)