Random Drabbles

Reading anything of Speranza's, even dS self, makes me think of "Written by the Victors." So much so that I ended up writing a couple different drabbles in the spirit of that fic:

  • Excerpts from Rik Bakker’s 2015 Cundill Prize winning history of Atlantis, Natural Revolutionaries: From Expedition to Confederation (Picador, trans. 2014). Parts 1, 2, 3.

  • Excerpts from Vivian Chambers’ history of Atlantis, The Lost City: Lessons From The Atlantis Expeditions (Picador, 2013). Part 1.

This has to do with the character sheets I've been working on for the The Émigrés for kicks. Well, kicks and a whole bunch of writer's block. Enjoy.