EMIGRES: Vasily Chziov


Vasily Chziov
Born: 25 March, 1964
          in Leningrad, USSR

          BS in Physics,
            Leningrad SU ('82)
          PhD in Applied Physics,
            Leningrad SU ('85)
          PhD in Astrophysics,
            Leningrad SU ('88)
          Artificial Gene User

          Physicist, First Expedition
          Magister, Émigrés

Other Relationships:
          Fyodor Chizov (father)
          Elena (mother)
          Dimitri Shchetinin (partner)

A child protegy, Vasily was something of the Soviet equivolent of Rodney McKay. Earning his second doctorate shortly after his twenty-fourth birthday, he was snatched up by the Soviet Space Agency, where he remained until it's dissolution in 1991, after which he was hired by the Russian Federal Space Agency. In early 2000, he was transfered to the Russian Stargate Program, eventually becoming second-in-command of the program. He voluntarily chose to resign his post to take a position at the Antarctic Outpost, and was chosen as one of five Russian representives to the First Atlantis Expedition. Following the recovery of the Tria crew, he was almong those who requested to remain on Atlantis.

During the Second Exodus, he was given an illustrious research position at Caltech - a university which had also hired former First Expedition members Hyun-Sook Che and Adi Ahavah. With their help, he was able to appropriate several military-grade lenses and laser parts the Confederation would have been unable to purchase or machine for themselves. Hhe is currently wanted in California for grand larceny and by the Russians for treason.

Additionally, he was involved in an illicit relationship with Dimitri Shchetinin from their time in university until Dimitri's death in the "Watergate" incident in 2000. He considers himself widowed and has not had a romantic relationship since.