It just occured to me that someone had to design the uniforms for the Atlantis Expedition. Someone who either a) wasn't read on to the program and so was just told theoretically, if we were going to send an international contingent to another galaxy and didn't want to make them look to military, how would you dress them? or b) knew about the Stargate Program and was like frak it, let's go Star Trek, but more Dominion War era than The Original Series.
I wonder which it was? That's interesting to think about...
My thought right now is that they farmed it out to some costume designer, then when it got back the SGC there was a team of quartermasters who were like, "Well, okay, this is shit, how can we fix it?"

Either that, or that the SGC has its own costume department. Someone who keeps a couple of uniforms for the various Jaffa guards ready to go, and some goa'uld, and some peasant, and so on. And so they went to this person and were like, "Yeah, we need uniforms" and something vaguely ST was what they got.
Hmm. I do like the idea of the SGC getting the uniforms back and being like, "Well fuck."

Haha, I love the idea of this person running a closet. SG team go to them and are like, "Yeah we're going to this planet and need to dress as 18th Century Monks." And he produces what they need :P
Even better: the person in the closet is some normal lab rat or private or something - someone not really high up in the food chain. But he - it has to be a he - has a love of fashion and so the first time an SG team needs to be in costume he sees whatever they manage to pull together themselves he's like, "No," and fixes it all for them. And then after that he has an informal thing going on until somebody notices what good a job he's doing and so they give him a real office and pay for his materials and he just knocks himself out all day stitching together costumes for people who need it and sometimes when its really busy he'll pull people in from the hall and give them a needle and thread and say, "Sew."

Bonus points if it's the most macho marine ever running the closet.
I don't think I could write about it either, but every time I read fic where John and Rodney are at the SGC, I'm going to think about Max.