EMIGRES: Anna Morris


Anna Morris
Born: 27 April, 1974
          in Yellowknife, NW Territories, Canada

          BS in Anthropology,
            History and Classical Studies,
            McGill University ('94)
          PhD in Anthropology,
            McGill University ('97)
          PhD in Classics,
            McGill University ('00)
          SG-11 ('00-05)
          Natural Gene User

          Anthropologist, First Expedition
          Perita, Émigrés

Other Relationships:
          David Morris (father)
          Joyce (mother)
          Glenn Morris (brother)
          Leon Morris (brother)
          Alexander Green (partner)

Growing up in Yellowknife, Anna always had an intense interest in First Nations culture. She persued this interest in college, going so far as to write her first doctoral thesis on comparative origin myths in North American cultures. Upon completing her second PhD, she was personally selected by Doctor Jackson to join SG-11 as part of the archaelogical team. After the Battle of Atlantis, she was recruited to the First Atlantis Expedition. Following the recovery of the Tria crew, she was almong those who requested to remain in the city.

During the Second Exodus, she held a teaching position at the University of Toronto. Although she took no artifacts from the university's collection with her during the Hegira, she did remove aproximately C$50,000 ($43,000 US) from various university slush funds for the Confederation. For this, she is wanted for cheque, mail, and fire fraud as well as grand felony. However, Canada has not chosen to level treason charges on those of its citizens who goined the Émigrés.

Additionally, she has been in a relationship with fellow Émigré Alexander Green since May 2007.

(Read an excerpt about her from Rik Bakker’s 2015 Cundill Prize winning history of Atlantis, Natural Revolutionaries: From Expedition to Confederation (Picador, trans. 2014) here).