EMIGRES: Alexander Green


Alexander Green
Born: 6 August, 1965
          in Guelph, Ontario, Canada

          BS in Chemistry,
            McGill University ('86)
          MD, Columbia University, ('90)
            UCLA Medical Centre ('92)
          Surgical Oncology Fellowship,
            UCLA Medical Centre ('92)
          Natural Gene User

          Hematologist, First Expedition
          Medicus, Émigrés

Other Relationships:
          Gerald Green (father)
          Betty (mother)
          Michelle Green (sister)
          Anna Morris (partner)

After recieving his medical license, Alexander worked at UCLA Medical Centre for ten years, serving as Chief of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine for the last three before being recruited by the SGC to study the use of off-world medicines in the treatment of cancer.

A man of principles, Alexander was not selected for the original Atlantis Expedition in part because of his history of arrests at various human rights protests, and did not arrive on Atlantis until after the Battle of Atlantis. Following the recovery of the Tria crew, he was almong those who requested to remain in the city.

During the Second Exodus, he took up a teaching position at his alma mater, McGill University. In additon to taking several thousand dollars worth of medical equiptment during the Haegira, Alexander stole all files and samples pertaining to several cancer treatment drugs the university had been hired to test. While Canada has not chosen to level treason charges on those of its citizens who goined the
Émigrés, he is wanted for grand larcony, copywrite infringement, and (due to a minor electrical fire that started after he removed several hard drives from the university servers) arson.

Additionally, he has been in a relationship with fellow Émigré Anna Morris since May 2007.