EMIGRES: Noah Baker


Noah Baker
Born: 22 October, 1967
          in Darwin, Australia

          BS in Marine Science,
            Biodiversity Conservation,
            Australian National University ('89)
          PhD in Marine Science,
            Australian National University ('93)
          Natural Gene User

          Paleoceanographer, First Expedition
          Peritus, Émigrés

Other Relationships:
          Liam Baker (foster father)
          Emma Wulpura (foster mother)
          Olivia Baker (foster sister)
          Amanda Cole (partner)

Abandoned shortly after birth by his birth mother, Noah spent the first three years of his life in various orphanages before being fostered by Liam and Emma Baker. Although the Bakers never formally adopted him or his foster sister, Olivia, they were very supported of his interest in marine life and provided for him as best as they were able.

Noah obtained a double major in Marine Science and Biodiversity Conservation in 1989 from Australian National University, later obtaining a doctorate in Marine Science in 1993. After completeing his education, he went to work for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. Following the British Commonwealth's read on to the Stargate Program, he served as an advisor and temporary specialist to the SGC for missions involving significant marine interest before being drafted into the First Atlantis Expedition. Following the recovery of the Tria crew, he was almong those who requested to remain on Atlantis.

During the Second Exodus, he returned to Australian National University as a researcher and guest lecturer. Significantly, he is one of the few Émigrés not wanted on charges by a Terran goverment, as, unlike the others, he did not take restricted information or items with him on the Haegria. However, like the others, Noah is under suspicion of treason for his involvement in the others' crimes.

Additionally, he has been in a relationship with fellow Émigré Amanda Cole since early 2006.