EMIGRES: Miko Kununsagi


Miko Kununsagi
Born: 8 May, 1971
          in Hiroshima, Japan

          BS in Computer Science,
            Hiroshima University ('90)
          PhD in Theoretical Physics,
            University of Tokyo ('93)
          PhD in Civil Engineering,
            University of Tokyo ('96)
          Natural Gene User

          Physicist, First Expedition
          Perita, Émigrés

Religion: Shinto/Buddhist

Other Relationships:
          Isamu Kununsagi (father)
          Sakura Matsumoto (mother)
          Paul-Henri Durand (partner)

The cossetted only child of two Hiroshima University professors, Miko spent more time with adults than children her own age. Speeding through school, she earned two doctorates from Tokyo University by the age of twenty-five, after which she suffered something which her parents would call a breakdown and most everyone else would classify as a long overdue case of teenage rebellion, moving to London to do municipal planning for the city for several years. Following the Battle of Antarctica, she was chosen to help design the Antarctic base that would be erected around the Ancient outpost and undersee construction, before being assigned as one of Japan's two representives on the First Atlantis Expedition. Following the recovery of the Tria crew, she was almong those who requested to remain in the city.

During the Second Exodus, she obtained a teaching position at Kyoto University - which also hired former Expedition member Ken McBride. Together they were able to steal a large portion of the university's vaccination reserves as well as all samples of the smallpox virius that was on loan to the medical department. Se is currently wanted for espionage, larcony, and treason by the Japanese goverment; there is an ungoing UN/WHO investigation against her regarding the stolen smallpox.

Additionally, she was fellow Émigré Paul-Henri Durand from the summer of 2006, although few other Expedition members recongized it as such. They married on 10 December, 2007 - the third of such marries among the Émigrés.


  • Speaks 3 languages: Japanese, English, and Latin/Alteran.